The gossip

Cui Dalang see him look, that he already has touched, can not help but laugh, then said: “There is no vision than we are precisely two of these businessmen more sensitive nose, and no one better than we understand the different countries. They are rich or not , military strength, official is clear and bright “in our hearts has an agenda. TANG Guo-Xun Li Cun, Shi Jin Jing Tong are Yinqi Dan died. But it was just founding Khitan, there is no rule of the Central Plains force, they do interfere in the Central Plains, but is to cultivate an obedient Er Huangdi, on their behalf to manage the Central Plains. Now they are different, the Khitan, though now is downtown civil strife, but the founding of the past six years, six decades of time to recuperate, the growing national prosperity, they have the strength of the south. The complete reunification of the Central Plains just at this time, local administrative officials such thing Zhao is also a generation of British Lord, though made after the Xian Zhi. It is sprung, national flourishing enough to contend with the Khitan, only to be destroyed will be a chip on Tang Ge north. However, the strength and boundaries between the two countries, thembt shoes clearance population in general similar, even though some famous, and sometimes the loss of a land or have different, but they can not again be so easy to destroy the Central Plains Asian countries. Song northward. Map is Youyun sixteen states want it wins in the hands of the cause barriers to ensure that the Central Plains of the colorful world of rock solid, but wishful thinking is not such a fight, the most affluent places in their accounts, but also wanted to seize in the hands of a natural barrier to ensure no fear of its own Foundation, the edge of mixed waste and Qiken rejected the bitter cold of the fend for themselves, who do not want to go to a better place? Khitan civil strife for a break, will also attempt to Huibing south central plains. . Population between the two countries quite. Hair from the arms of tennis who practice well, barbarian nature of raccoon dog, flowers keep the number of thousands of elite Buzu good, but it is hundreds of thousands of Khitan cavalry good attack, and since the Stone King Tong will Youyun offer to hand over sixteen states, who painstakingly Khitan business for decades, this natural barrier is impregnable, how can account for getting a cheap Song? Song with the Khitan people crushed, can only be prolonged, no peace between the two countries are costly, but difficult build-inch power. If Song of the first horse to take the Northwest that it? It is not full, hard g at full powerbalance , which if a full, Khitan, how could not swoop in? Contend with no less than two, it is particularly important to the Northwest, the Khitan people are not stupid and will never sit by and watch as the Song of Northwest Territories. Thus, if one can dominate the northwest, then either the song or the Khitan, in order to suppress the enemies themselves, had to win over him, Song occupy the most prosperous areas, deep pockets. Khitan people took advantage of the geographical advantage and military forces, which the Lord of the Northwest. Is to occupy the political situation on the edge, into the attack, or retreat to safety. Yang Hao squinted slightly, Chen Sheng said: “Dalang really worthy merchants origin, a tongue Can lotus, but what power I can, according to the Northwest?” Cui Dalang a slight chuckle: “You are unique, so far completed six items from the party s approval, which they regarded as Xiazhou Lord, there’s break, Young’s support, if combined with the financial support of descent Church spared no effort, then you get to Guang as the original meaning of Lee’s son and replaced as What is not Lord of the Northwest? If you become king of the Northwest, the court only to attract you, dare renewable intended to kill? Thus, not more secure? “Yang Hao After a silence, said:” Central unification, peace and harmony, the business we go so, you not only just a matter of the heart at the merchants, why potential co-operate to support one party forces in the Northwest? “” The reason is very simple prayer, “Cui Dalang who own herself energy bracelets eloquent:” The origin of any goods has its specific, general availability, that is, the source of the merchants profit. Soong side by side with the Khitan. When the world planes, to weaken each other, will be forbidden to each other vertebrae, tortoiseshell, ivory, rhino horn, copper, iron, frankincense, fur, sheep, horses, food, cloth, medicine, and no that can not help. Late in troubled times, I have the descent towards the Church of the business will gradually Quartet remote places, to move back, change to other businesses, not in a day, or beating, lost much strength. ban vertebral so what, I do not know how many people had to rely on our dinner smashed their jobs. Moreover, the court re disabilities, our merchants must also greatly suppressed. “Cui Dalang concerns from the policy since the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, the political business position is very humble, law court, strict rules, no official business of the persons, business people in marriages not and Tu, Emperor once said: “Business variegated and his ilk, Jialing Yu peer class operation can only be thick to property. shall not exceed the authorized officer rank, standing shoulder to shoulder with the DPRK Yin gentleman, to sit and eat with the “merchants of their status even lower common people, common people clothes yellow, miscellaneous industrial and commercial households not served yellow, and riding against business. Businessmen are not given legal protection of private property, the court can be arbitrarily confiscated. Jing Zhao Kaiyuan two years, such as forfeiture of any business that the financial resources of more than sixty square consistent. Under construction for three years, “scraping wealthy money, who, by the rest of the World Wide Web for a large cable Chang’an in the military all the goods and merchants, which means its not true, then the plus essays hammer. Were very bitter, have constricted the deceased,” the court persecution of merchants too , so that merchants are bound to support local Military rebellion against Great Tang Zhaoting wing gained a certain social status, has since become the basis for disparate administrative regions. The results more than two years, has been that scholars and light industry, Taketo-business, and unified the Central Plains after the Song, in fact, far from suppressing the phenomenon of Commerce and former serious. But now, who knows? Court re disabilities, has become a trend, the world Chengping, the day that they will not follow the Tang Dynasty? Descent is the Church has always been the style of danger, they will not wait for the court’s policies do down the reaction. Moreover, even if the court does not inhibit business, they have a lot of business involving North and South, once the confrontation between the two countries, their impact will be enormous, since they determine the north and south side by side is a foregone conclusion, it must be to find a communication bridge to North and South. Come in their way, this bridge is to the northwest of the cushion. This analysis, reverse analysis of Lu and Yang Hao Phan state in all of the special status, then select the Business Hing states have the same purpose. As the world Chengping, the business of business was booming, it may not. Spring and Autumn Period Asian countries everywhere, barriers important, reasonable to say that most of the merchants is not timely, and in fact was not only profitable business is extremely high and very high social status. Are to the country, the country will phase are treated with courtesy, very respected. Since the parties since the late Tang and Five Dynasties Uncooperative too, Gein has asked them to stop. Yang Hao authentic slowly: “Your elders that the land northwest sufficient independence, the buffer for the Central Plains and the Khitan, and your merchants pass without the bridge, so you want to support a force there to protect you, give you maximum convenience? “Cui Dalang He Shou who is a sell men manage power balance wholesale usa said:” It is, in fact, I Descent early Church did twenty years ago such an attempt by that time, we chose the state-lin Yang, folding at home based on the cloud for some time now , may not be willing to give us enough convenience. Moreover, even though I no longer had the descent the purpose of early learning, now purely for the purpose of continuation of their own, but it is quite elders hope to help with the family, Yang Han Chinese, folding at home is not. So the elders hope to control access by the Yang gateway to the Western Regions, unfortunately, “he sighed, wry smile:” Unfortunately, Yang is not that bold after all, no guts to fight off the home, on balance, bad or volcanic Wang Yang Lin states decided to stick to one place, the state government to make peace with the total anti-Xia Zhou, instead turn against us. so my trick, falls short, elders have been dead heart, but God did not want to lower one. you come to. “Cuida Lang smiled: “You’re the most shallow foundation, is in need of our help; and you and Xia Zhou Lee, off the state’s government, Lin Yang states have a relationship, is most of them have development potential; is particularly important that you created Lo states. to make it based on the chosen state of the industrial and commercial Xing, Heavy As for Sri Lanka-business party of a vassal. fact is unprecedented, so the elders were very young to you Oh, “Hao Yang can only smile. Cuida Lang has said: “For hundreds of years. Uighur separatism in Tibet and the northwest and Liang Zhou, mutual police deterrence, barrier between the Central Plains to the Western Regions to choke thus terminated, a hall to my descent, it’s important to the entire Central Plains the closure of the wealth channel. A closed-door policy of the rulers, is our greatest enemy merchants, you are obviously not such a person. Tubo beat the Uighur, Ha Tay, Longyou, all in their hands, as Western hegemony, the Pacific Northwest be considered, but Tibetan people are good at fighting is not good at business, they govern the Western Regions, the results of traumatic Northwest slump, a withered open. the people of hardship, ignorance and backwardness of a ruler, is also the  enemy of our merchants, you are still not the person. Tubo decline, after rising Qiang, Xia Zhou, folded state, one-third of the state government portal, Uighur, Tibetan and other mixed the meantime, between the battle over San Francisco. San Francisco and the Uighur, Tibetan and other nationalities are also more than