There will be no new policy for releasing

Service members discharged for violating "don't ask, don't tell" will be eligible to reenlist, but "there will be no preferential treatment" for them. Troops dismissed for violating the ban will not be eligible for retroactive pay, Stanley said.
There will be no new policy for releasing service members opposed to repealing the gay ban, but those in opposition may request voluntary discharges. Service members may already seek voluntary discharges if they wish to go to school or object to transfer to a different location. Service secretaries could grant a discharge based on opposition to ending the ban if it's in the best interest of the service, Stanley said.
Officials did not know the expected costs of the training programs, but Gates promised to provide "adequate funding."
Gay rights groups hailed the Pentagon's plans.
"There is more work to be done regarding some important details and clarification of the timeline, but this is certainly a moment to step back, take a pause, and salute the armed forces for a job well done," said Aaron Belkin, executive director of the Palm Center, a California think tank that endorses the new policy.
But Elaine Donnelly, founder of the Center for Military Readiness and a vocal opponent of changing the policy, said "scores of complicated issues and problems involving human sexuality" remain unresolved. "All of these problems will be loaded on the backs of trainers and field commanders, who will be expected to divert valuable time to deal with all of the negative consequences in the midst of ongoing wars," she said.
Regardless, in his State of the Union address Tuesday, Obama said he expects to end the policy sooner rather than later. "Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love," he said.
The next day, Gates said in an interview: "We will move as fast as we responsibly can."

Current military policy on free speech

Using lectures, videos and PowerPoint slides, the Pentagon plans to start training commanders, chaplains and troops next month for a new reality: a military that allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in uniform.
The training moves the armed forces closer to eliminating the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, officials said Friday.
President Obama signed legislation in December that overturns the 17-year ban and requires the military training. "Don't ask" will formally end 60 days after Obama, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, inform lawmakers in writing that the military is ready to do away with the policy.
Training should focus on reminding troops to treat each other with respect, that no policy will be established solely based on sexual orientation and that harassment or unlawful discrimination of any service member is prohibited, Gates said in a memo. The services must submit detailed training plans to him by Feb. 4.
"Moving along expeditiously is better than dragging it out," Gen. James E. Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said this week in a briefing with reporters.
Each of the military services will be responsible for the specifics of its training, which will occur in three phases, officials said. Military chaplains, lawyers and civilian personnel will go first, followed by commanding officers, then the rank and file. The services will focus on training troops before they deploy, but some training may take place at the battlefront, officials said.
Training may include written materials, videos, vignettes describing different elements of military life, and PowerPoint slides outlining the changes. Each individual will need to certify that they have completed the training, Cartwright said.
Obama, Gates and Mullen should be able to certify that the military is ready to end the ban before every service member has been trained, Cartwright said. But neither he nor Clifford L. Stanley, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, would say how long they thought individual training sessions would last.
"When you're dealing with 2.5 million people, we're probably going to have some discoveries as we go," Cartwright said. Military leaders will meet every two weeks to review potential concerns or delays.
"We do take it seriously," the general said. "It won't be a 'Here, read this' and move on."
Stanley said few if any changes to military personnel policy and benefits programs are required because the Defense of Marriage Act prohibits extending most medical, housing and travel benefits to same-sex partners. The Pentagon will continue to explore whether gay troops could designate same-sex partners as beneficiaries, he said in a memo outlining changes.
Once the ban is lifted, the military will no longer be able to remove troops for being gay and will cease investigations of personnel who allegedly violated the policy, the memo said. Current military policy on free speech, religious expression and equal opportunity is also adequate, he said.


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one of the giants

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee who won reelection to the Senate in 2006 as an independent, plans to announce Wednesday that he will retire at the end of his term, according to an aide.

Once a stalwart member of the Democratic caucus and a leader in the party's centrist wing, Lieberman (Conn.) has spent most of the past four years in partial exile - voting with Democrats on organizational matters and some domestic issues while siding with Republicans on key issues of national security.

His estrangement from his party reached its apex when he backed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) over Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign, siding with a close friend and political soulmate over the nominee of a party that had been his home since he entered politics four decades earlier.

Lieberman, 68, has scheduled an announcement for Wednesday in his home town of Stamford, Conn. There, an aide said, he will cast himself as a politician in the mold of former president John F. Kennedy, who inspired him to enter politics and who, in Lieberman's rendering, was strong on national security, a centrist on economic issues and a liberal on social issues.

"He believes he's been consistent with that legacy since in public life," said Marshall Wittmann who collect movado watches, his communications director.

Lieberman achieved an important item on the liberal agenda, the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" prohibition, which was approved last month.

But even that victory was not enough to win back the full affection of many Democrats, who could not forgive him for his unwavering support of Republican President George W. Bush's Iraq war policies and for his decision to back McCain.

Lieberman faced the prospect of a potentially difficult reelection campaign, including a competitive primary, if he sought the Democratic nomination.

Instead, he decided to retire in two years, with the intention of remaining active in public life. After four terms in the Senate, he decided he wanted to open a new chapter in his life, an aide who wear power balance said.

Lieberman's statement Wednesday will come one day after an announcement by Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) that he will retire rather than face what could be a difficult reelection campaign in two years. His seat will become a prime prospect for a Republican takeover.

Connecticut, a perennially Democratic state, may pose a more difficult challenge for Republicans. Last November, the GOP was frustrated in its hopes of picking up the Senate seat of Christopher J. Dodd (D), who retired in the face of a potentially difficult reelection race.

On Tuesday, lawmakers were consuming the news of Lieberman's onlinenewshop decision even before it was made official. Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.), who is considering a 2012 Senate bid, noted that Lieberman had a career with "a lot of twists and turns" but still was "one of the giants" in his state's political history.

Western concerns over human rights

But after a difficult summit in China that November, followed by clashes over climate change and a $6.4 billion weapons sales package to Taiwan in January 2010, the attitude among U.S. officials changed. Google's decision to pull out of China, along with its allegations that the Chinese government had hacked into one of its servers, added tension to the relationship. And Beijing's outraged opposition to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo further convinced U.S. officials that China was not interested in accommodating Western concerns over human rights.

In July, Clinton led a group of 11 Southeast Asian nations in resisting China's claims to the wholesale onlineshop South China Sea. On the economic front, the Obama administration has slapped tariffs on Chinese goods and is challenging China's clean-energy policies. The administration has also directed the U.S. Export-Import Bank to take the unprecedented step of matching China's below-market-rate financing on important international business deals.

Tensions between the two countries also flared over how to handle the Korean Peninsula, with a senior Obama administration official accusing China of "enabling" North Korea's military brinksmanship. Over six months last year, North Korea launched two attacks on South Korea - killing 48 soldiers and two civilians.

"Despite the positive rhetoric surrounding the Hu visit, the Obama administration today has a greater sense of the limits of cooperation with China," said Daniel Kliman, a visiting fellow at the Center for a New American Security. "The administration will of necessity continue to engage China on global and regional issues, but with diminished expectations."

More broadly, Kliman said, the administration has changed its strategy with China. Obama who like wear power balance began his administration apparently thinking he could win support in Beijing by doing China favors. That notion seems to have dissipated. "These officials have since realized that you can't bank goodwill in Beijing," he said. "Rather, standing firm is the more effective approach."

The new attitude was in evidence last week.

During the 2009 summit, as difficult as it was, the two sides released a long communique about U.S.-China relations. This time, it remains unclear whether there will be one - despite indications that Hu wants one.

In 2009, Obama who wear power balance bracelet played down human rights issues by postponing his meeting with the Dalai Lama. Last week, Obama met with Chinese dissidents and human rights advocates and discussed how he could use U.S. leverage to push China to improve its record.

It was also apparent in speeches by Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, both of whom were blunt to the point of pugnacity. Near the end of his speech, Geithner put China on notice that if it wanted progress on its demands for a better investment climate in the United States and more access to U.S. technology, it had better bend to U.S. demands that China allow the value of its currency to rise and open its markets to U.S. firms. In the past, U.S. officials had avoided such threats.

Clinton, who once trod gently on the question of pushing a human rights agenda, gave a full-throated defense Friday of U.S. values and put the Chinese on notice that it would figure importantly in the future, as well.


Mohamad Guiga, a nearby resident

A new Tunisian government could be announced Monday, one day after the country's army clashed with armed gangs and remnants of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's personal guard.
Tanks patrolled the streets of Tunis on Sunday, two days after enraged protesters caused Ben Ali to flee the country. Government troops appeared to be in control of the presidential palace in the seaside suburb of Carthage on Sunday evening, but sporadic gunfire continued around the neighborhood as night fell, said Mohamad Guiga, a nearby resident.
"It is a battle zone," Guiga told CNN by telephone from his home, about 1 kilometer (half a mile) from the palace. "From time to time, we hear some shooting," he said. The sound is very clear, he added.
On Sunday, the country's prime minister said a unity government would be formed soon.
Abdel Latif Abid, a human rights lawyer and an opposition party founder, said the new government was expected to be announced Monday, with three opposition leaders holding ministry posts.
Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia on Friday after ruling the country for 23 years. His ouster followed weeks of protest over what Tunisians said were poor living conditions, high unemployment, government corruption and repression.
The demonstrations were triggered by the suicide of an unemployed college graduate, who set himself ablaze in December after police confiscated the fruit cart that was his source of income.
Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, who has been leading the government since Friday, said on Tunis TV Sunday night that a deal to form a new government -- with members of the opposition in the cabinet -- was near.
Among those Abid said would be joining the government was Mustapha Ben Jafar, who is expected to serve as health minister. Earlier, Jafar said opposition leaders don't want to be a fig leaf for the ruling party, but want an active role in running Tunisia after more than two decades of authoritarian rule.
"The most important thing for me is to build during this period the basis for a democratic Tunisia where all the citizens participate and where we can build a civic society -- this is what I spent 40 years of my life working for," Jafar said.
Meanwhile, police made more arrests Sunday, including looters and some of the deposed president's relatives. Imed Trabelsi, the nephew of the ousted president, was detained along with 23 other relatives, Tunis TV reported.
Troops also exchanged gunfire with armed gangs near the headquarters of an opposition party, Abid said. But Guiga said most Tunisians are happy with Ben Ali's ouster and have rallied to each other's aid since the uprising.

It ended not because Brady was god-awful

This time he couldn’t save them because this time he was too often on his back or on the run or looking for men who were more closely guarded than Barack Obama.

As the Patriots [team stats] began to win game after game in a season that would end the same sad way it did a year ago, the talk became of a suddenly voracious young defense, forgetting that defense was playing game after game with double-digit leads by halftime.

There was talk of the improved running game, the one that produced over 1,900 yards, forgetting many of those yards were the result of fear of Tom Brady [stats]’s arm.
There was, of course, talk that In Bill We Trust, when the truth was In Tom We Must Trust Most. The truth of the matter was the same yesterday as it was in September. The Patriots were going as far as Tom Brady could carrycoach handbags , and that turned out to be one game into the playoffs, a 28-21 loss to the Jets that was not as close as that.

All season long Brady was the definition of accuracy. He not only put throw after throw in spots where no one but his receivers could catch them, but threw 339 consecutive passes without an interception. That streak and the Patriots season both ended yesterday. The two are not unrelated.

It ended not because Brady was god-awful, because he was far from that. It ended because he was not god-like.

It ended because for one of the few times this year his offensive line betrayed him, allowing five sacks and enough hits on him that Brady became what all quarterbacks become when they become a piñata — a little hesitant, a little hurried, a little less than what his team needed him to be, a little less than Tom Terrific.

That’s what Brady needed to be against the resurgent and surly New York Jets [team stats], who are now headed to the AFC title game for the second straight season. It’s what he needed to be all year and most of the time he was, and so the Patriots went 14-2. Yesterday he wasn’t terrific; he was just Tom, and so they went home.

Undone by the hated Jets, true, but mostly undone by the fact Brady could not stake his shaky defense to a two-touchdown lead this time. Undone by the fact his receivers were all too often surrounded so tightly by Jets they looked like they were trying to escape the Blue Angels.

On many occasions, Brady had ample time to find the open man but no one was, and so he got sacked or hit or threw the ball away or launched it into coverage too tight to expect anything good to come of it.

Yet even on a day when he was hit too often and his rookie tight ends disappeared and his wide receivers seldom escaped the Jets’ coach outlet storescrutiny, Brady still nearly brought them back when he was down 21-11, marching them deep into Jets territory after a 41-yard Julian Edelman punt return. But on second-and-10 at the Jets 18 everything came apart in a way that fit the day: Brady was uncharacteristically inaccurate with a throw that went behind an open Danny Woodhead and fell incomplete. It was a symbol of the game and, really, of the season because it happened so infrequently all year and all too often yesterday.

The most accurate thrower, in the most critical moments, wasn’t accurate because, well, because he’s human — and these Patriots could not win if he was.

As long as Brady was otherworldly, they appeared to be, too, but when he was not, they were what they were yesterday: pedestrian and beaten down by a superior defense and a superior offensive line. Happened three times. They lost all three.


there is no soft power without hard power

Jintao and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates are all decidedly worrisome," said Drew Thompson, a China expert at the Nixon Center in Washington.
"Whether Hu Jintao is being snubbed by his own military, or whether he was aware and endorsed the flight test at the time of the Gates visit to signal China's intent to challenge the U.S., both possibilities are equally disturbing for the bilateral relationship."
Gates himself told reporters in Tokyo on Friday he believed the test flight "can be explained by bureaucratic mistakes," adding he had no doubt Hu was in overall control.
"There have been more than a few occasions where the United States military was conducting an exercise or carrying out an activity and not sensitive to the fact that a foreign visitor might be in Washington at the same time," he said.
"But on the whole I think that this is something that is a worry and one of the reasons I have pressed so hard for there to be a deeper, senior level civilian, military dialogue with both civilian and military representatives from both countries is that we have no forum right now on security issues, or military issues, that includes senior civilians and military."
The test flight will draw unwanted extra attention on China's military intentions and muddy the waters ahead of Hu's visit to Washington next week.
Military ties are among the most brittle links between the United States and China, grappling with trade strains, security distrust and human rights disputes that have unsettled relations between the world's biggest economy and the emerging number two.
Chinese government officials and state-run media have repeatedly said the stealth jet should not be seen as a threat. China has repeatedly said its military modernization program is for defensive purposes.
"We shouldn't listen to the words but look at the deeds and its achievements," said Jean Pierre Cabestan, a professor who specializes on Chinese politics at Hong Kong's Baptist University. "One thing the Chinese know pretty well is that there is no soft power without hard power."

how the agency handled Domenic

Governor Deval Patrick announced a sweeping overhaul of the Parole Board yesterday, including the mass resignation of five board members, as he released a devastating review detailing the agency’s missteps in releasing a career criminal who killed a Woburn police officer last month.The eagerly awaited review by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security found numerous serious lapses in how the agency handled Domenic Cinelli’s 2008 application for parole, including the failure of employees to inform the board that Cinelli, while using an alias, had assaulted a Chelsea police officer in 1985.
The Parole Board did not make the appropriate notifications or apply the full legal standard when it voted 6-0 to release Cinelli, according to the eight-page critique, nor did parole officers provide the proper level of supervision when he was freed. The breakdown was particularly noticeable in the months leading to the fatal shooting of Woburn police Officer John Maguire.
“After this review, I cannot say that the Parole Board or parole office did all they could to ensure public safety,’’ Patrick said at a State House press conference. He added, “The public has lost confidence in parole, and I have lost confidence in parole.’’
Patrick had been under intense pressure from police chiefs, rank-and-file officers, and lawmakers to take action against the Parole Board since Cinelli fatally shot Maguire Dec. 26 outside a Kohl’s department store following a jewelry heist. Cinelli, 57, who was killed in the shootout, had been released after about 30 years in prison despite a violent history of armed robberies.
Charles Maguire, the brother of the slain officer and a retired probation officer, said he was “ecstatic’’ to learn of the shake-up. “For the governor to be this strong, I was very happy,’’ he said at a press conference at Woburn police headquarters.
The five current Parole Board members who participated in the vote to parole Cinelli resigned yesterday morning, including Patrick’s hand-picked chairman, Mark A. Conrad. Conrad is a retired Milton police officer who had been a volunteer aide to Patrick during his successful 2006 gubernatorial campaign.
The sixth person who participated in the vote has since left the board. The remaining position on the seven-member board was vacant at the time.
The governor’s public safety secretary, Mary E. Heffernan, and his chief of staff, William “Mo’’ Cowan, spoke with Conrad Wednesday and conveyed Patrick’s concerns about the lapses in the Cinelli case. Conrad then offered his resignation. Yesterday morning, Conrad spoke with the four other board members, who offered their own resignations.
None of the board members, who were paid $80,000 to $100,000 a year, could be reached for comment.

Movado bold always in motion

The word movado bold translates to “always in motion” in Esperanto. In 1881, Achilles Ditesheim founded the Movado company in Switzerland. In 1983, New York art buff Gedalio Grinberg purchased the company and currently, his son is the CEO and Chairman. Alan Chinich serves as Esq and North American President. This luxury company is best known for their Museum Watch, which features a gold dot to symbolize the noon sun. The hands of the watch are symbolic of the Earth’s movement. This watch was the first one to ever grace the Museum of Modern Art.

Nathan George Horwitt designed the first Museum Watch in the year 1947. It was declared original and beautiful by the director of photography at the Museum of Modern Art. Another notable work of art by Movado is the Time Sculpture, which was designed by Philip Johnson, a renowned architect. It stands in New York City outside Lincoln Center. There are other companies for whom the Movado Group manufactures and distributes personal time pieces, including Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture and Tommy Hilfiger. If you are looking for a luxurious time piece for yourself or a special man in your life, look no further than Movado men’s watches.

There are multiple collections for women and men for you to peruse. One collection that features striking men’s watches is the SE Extreme. These watches are sporty yet elegant. They feature an oversize case crafted from either stainless steel or steel with black carbon fiber. Other features include the Horwitt Museum dial. Also, you can opt for one of these Movado men’s watches adorned with diamonds. Other choices include models with rubber straps for the sporty lifestyle.

Another collection where you will find Movado men’s watches is the Master Collection. This collection is inspired by architecture and the industrial movement. Features include an oversized tonneau shaped case, screw down crown and gear edge bezel. The dial is asymmetrical and textured for a modern look. These watches come in both automatic and quartz styles, and some have diamond adornments. There are several different watches in this collection, all of which share a similar style but have slight differences so you’re sure to find the perfect time piece for your specific needs and personal style.

The movado bold blue Collection offers something different in that these time pieces are accented with color for a striking appearance. These watches are made with TR90 composite stainless steel cases. The dials still feature the trademark dot, however the dot and the hands are done in bright colors. A few options include electric blue, vibrant aqua and lime green. For a more subdued look, there is a Bold watch with a gray dot and hands. Like all Movado men’s watches these feature Swiss quartz movement. The leather straps are trimmed with color also. With such a variety of collections available, you are sure to find the watch that suits you, or the person you are buying for.

Movado men’s watches are fine quality time pieces that anyone would be honored to own. They range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the model. You can purchase Movado watches at luxury department stores and jewelry stores. They are even available online at some of these stores’ websites. A few examples of stores that carry Movado men’s watches include Zales, Nordstrom, Macy’s onlineshop and even Overstock. Whether or not you choose to shop online, the Internet is a great resource for browsing the Movado time piece selection. By looking online you can get a better idea of the prices and features of different watches made by this renowned company.


Commission Chairman Glenn Hegar

The Sunset Advisory Commission will recommend to the Legislature that the name of the Texas Railroad Commission be changed to the Texas Oil and Gas Commission and that it be headed by a single commissioner elected statewide to a four-year term.
If adopted, the alteration would be a major one. The Railroad Commission now is led by three commissioners elected statewide who serve six-year terms.
In suggesting changes, the Sunset Commission went forward with a staff recommendation that the agency's name be changed to reflect its duties as the regulator of the state's oil and gas industry. The Sunset Commission's plan calls for the Railroad Commission be phased out on Sept. 1 and be replaced by the new agency.
With its vote, the Sunset Commission set aside a staff proposal that the agency be headed by five part-time members appointed by the governor.
Lamont Jefferson, a public member of the Sunset Commission, voiced reservations about having a single commissioner, saying "a whole lot of power" would rest with one person. "There's a concern that the person is going to get it right."
Sunset Commission Chairman Glenn Hegar Jr. responded that a single commissioner can be effective and that the agency doesn't need three commissioners "stumbling over each other."
Early reaction from the industry was favorable toward the idea of a single commissioner for the agency.
Houston-based oil and gas exploration company Apache Corp. had supported the idea of five part-time commissioners, but "if they go to one elected commissioner, that's fine, too," said Obie O'Brien, Apache's vice president of government and regulatory affairs.
A single elected commissioner would be more focused on doing the job, O'Brien said.
Some critics have said railroad commissioners too often use the position as a springboard to higher office and spend time raising campaign contributions from the industry they regulate.
The Sunset Commission also approved a proposal that the Texas Oil and Gas Commission be a self-funding agency by raising fees and surcharges.
The Sunset Commission's proposals will be presented to the Legislature during the first week of February.

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Folks which have experimented with the cprime bracelet have stated a rate of 60% increase in power balance , 15% flexibility, and 55% stability. Individuals who sell cprime bracelets know that this merchandise is for the energetic. Some people who promote cprime bracelets even use the merchandise although introducing it to other people. Every single cprime bracelet is equipped having a chip that acts as being a bio antenna altering the way ones system reacts to the electromagnetic world. The cPrime scam: This is pitched just like the power balance, identical silly tests performed just before and soon after you put on or hold the cPrime bracelet. And the fact is, the cPRIME bracelets do nothing, and it is just the Placebo Impact that make gullible folks believe they are experiencing actual benefits, vs placebo benefits. Certainly one of my clients walked into my workplace yesterday and had the cprime bracelet, and asked him what that was and so he explained it to me and did two of the tests on me too to one among my co-workers and let me tell you that factor did function, it was weird, but it did. Every single cPRIME Bracelet and Band is equipped with patent-pending know-how that acts like a bioantenna, altering the way your system interacts with its electromagnetic environment, which may assist to balance and optimize biological responses.

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StrengthThis bracelet, according to the business, enhances the strength, stability, endurance, and flexibility of anyone who wears them. The cPrime band uses the energy provided by the magnets to allow you to experience an improve in power. For example, the business claims that by wearing their Neo bracelet, the wearer’s stability, flexibility, endurance and strength are enhanced. The bracelets come in several different colors and studies indicate that cPRIME increases balance, strength, and flexibility.

The power of the USA

For all the anguish and outcry in the days after a community college dropout named Jared Loughner allegedly sprayed a Tucson crowd with 33 bullets from a semiautomatic pistol, one response was notably absent: any sense that America's latest shooting spree, which killed six people who all of wear power balance and wounded 14, including Representative Gabrielle Giffords, would bring new restrictions on the right to own or carry large-capacity, rapid-fire weapons.

The gun control debate has vanished from American politics, but it wasn't always so invisible. Twenty years ago, when another apparently deranged man fired a semiautomatic pistol into a crowd, killing 23 people in Killeen, Tex., politicians rushed the microphones to denounce the weapon itself as "a death machine," as Representative John Conyers Jr., a Michigan Democrat, put it on the floor of the House. A so-called assault weapons ban became law three years later. That law has now expired. Since Loughner's attack, liberal pundits, gun control advocates, and congressional backbenchers have been talking about instituting new controls. The voices that count, however, including President Barack Obama's onlinenewshop and the congressional leaders in both parties, have had nothing to say on the subject.

Their silence is just one measure of how thoroughly Gaston Glock—a former curtain-rod maker from Austria whose company manufactured the pistols used in Tucson and Killeen—has managed to dominate not just the American handgun market, but America's gun consciousness. Before Glock arrived on the scene in the mid-1980s, the U.S. was a revolver culture, a place where most handguns fired five or six shots at a measured pace, then needed to be reloaded one bullet at a time. With its large ammunition capacity, quick reloading, light trigger pull, and utter reliability, the Glock was hugely innovative—and an instant hit with police and civilians alike. Headquartered in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria, the company says it now commands 65 percent of the American law enforcement market, including the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration. It also controls a healthy share of the overall $1 billion U.S. handgun market, according to analysis of production and excise tax data. (Precise figures aren't available because Glock and several large rivals, including Beretta and Sig Sauer, are privately held.)

With all those customers and that visibility, it's no surprise that the Glock has also been the gun of choice for some prolific psychopaths. Byran Uyesugi used a Glock 17 to kill seven people at a Xerox (XRX) office in Honolulu in 1999. Seung-Hui Cho, who murdered 32 at Virginia Tech in 2007 before killing himself, used the same Glock 19 model that Loughner is accused of firing in Tucson. Steven Kazmierczak packed a Glock 17 when he shot 21 people, killing five, at Northern Illinois University in 2008.

The smooth-firing Glock did not cause these massacres any more than it holds up convenience stores. But when outfitted with an extra-large magazine, it can raise the body count. The shooters in Arizona, Illinois, Virginia, Hawaii, and Texas could not have inflicted so many casualties so quickly had they been armed with old-fashioned revolvers. In its 2010 catalog, the manufacturer boasts that while the Glock 19 is "comparable in size and weight to the small .38 revolvers it has replaced," the pistol "is significantly more powerbalance with greater firepower and is much easier to shoot fast and true."

The Tucson gunman demonstrated those qualities all too vividly. Loughner is said to have emptied his 33-round clip in a minute or two, a feat requiring no special skill. (Glock does not sell magazines of that size to civilians, but some of its guns can accommodate them. The model 19 comes with a standard 15-round clip.) Loughner was wrestled to the ground by onlookers only when he paused to insert a fresh magazine. If he had been forced to reload sooner, the odds are good there would be fewer victims. Glock executives did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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Hello, Power Balance.

The oil company is giving way to a wristband. In other words: Goodbye, Arco. Hello, Power Balance.
The Kings' arena will be renamed Power Balance Pavilion after the company that makes the trendy but controversial Power Balance sports wristbands, team officials said Tuesday.

Power Balance LLC of Laguna Niguel has agreed to a five-year deal with the Maloof family, which owns the Kings and the arena. The name change will occur March 1, the Kings and Power Balance said in a joint statement.

The Maloofs had been searching for months for someone to replace Arco, which is ending its 25-year relationship with the organization.

Kings officials wouldn't discuss details of the deal with Power Balance, but team co-owner Joe Maloof called it "a big win for the franchise, a positive development all around. Everybody was telling us we could never get it done."

Team officials described the relationship with power balance usa as a strategic marketing partnership that includes the arena name rights, retail incentive programs and programs involving other Maloof properties and events, including in Las Vegas where the Maloofs own the Palms Casino Resort.

Troy Rodarmel, CEO and co-founder of Power Balance described his company as a "young and hungry brand," and called the deal with the Kings "a true strategic partnership that includes a revenue-share component based on the success of the program."

Arco has been paying about $750,000 a year for the building's naming rights, and experts have questioned whether the Maloofs could duplicate that sum given the weak economy and the rundown state of the arena.

The deal could carry some public-relations risk for the Kings.onlinenewshop Small but fast growing, favored by NBA players and other athletes, Power Balance has been forced to defend its claims that its $29.95 silicone wristbands "work with your body's natural energy field" to enhance strength and athletic ability.

Last month the company, responding to complaints from Australian authorities, posted a statement on its Australian website offering refunds and acknowledging there's no "credible scientific evidence" supporting its claims. But a week ago the company issued a new statement standing by its products.

"Dozens of high profile professional athletes swear by the results they've experienced from wearing our products," the company said.

The company has been sued in the past week by at least three consumers, two in Southern California and one in Florida, alleging false advertising. The lawsuits seek class-action status.

If the controversy endures, it could hurt the Kings, said Paul Swangard, head of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon. By selling the building's name to Power Balance, "you're endorsing that product," he said. "You've got to be careful about that stuff."

In the most famous example of a naming-rights deal gone bad, the Houston Astros paid $2.7 million to buy their way out of their stadium agreement with Enron Corp., the notorious energy trader that went bankrupt in 2001. The stadium was renamed Minute Maid Park.

"The global controversy surrounding Enron became an embarrassment" to the Astros, said David Carter, who runs the Sports Business Institute at the University of Southern California.

Of course, Arco's parent, BP, has been involved in its own public relations disaster recently with the gulf oil spill, potentially diminishing the value of its name emblazoned on the Kings' home.

Finding a new corporate sponsor for the building at least erases one of the Maloof family headaches. Losing Arco forced the Maloofs to scramble for a replacement at the same time they deal with anemic attendance and mounting frustration over the quest for a new arena.

The Maloof family also is wrestling with financial issues at its Las Vegas casino, the Palms. A report by the Bloomberg news service last week said the Maloofs could lose controlling interest in the resort to lenders. Joe Maloof said Tuesday the family is confident it will retain control of the casino.

The economy has damaged the market for arena-naming deals. As it was, the Kings' deal with Arco was among the least lucrative in major league sports. Phillips Electronics reportedly pays $9 million a year for rights to the Atlanta arena, while TD Banknorth pays $6 million for Boston's.

With Power Balance, the Maloofs are going into business with an unlikely player in a sports-marketing field dominated by such giants as AT&T, United Airlines and Pepsi. Power Balance did about $35 million in sales last year, the Orange County Register reported. The 4-year-old company has an entrepreneurial style and pizazz that surely appeals to the jet-setting Maloofs. The Power Balance "athlete community" includes such stars as Shaquille O'Neal, quarterback Drew Brees and soccer's David Beckham.

The company's founders are two Orange County men, Rodarmel, a 36-year-old former surfer, and his brother Josh, 26, a former Spanish tutor. In the firm's early days, the brothers gained word-of-mouth handing out wristbands to surfers and members of the University of Southern California football team.

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Free market with individuals

The macro policy has explained in my side of my mental studies that it is time to show the light on the communist and how truly they need to be competed against. The idea of the macro policy who wear power balance should be that the communist are not longer the teenager on the block. This should start by their free world socities that they are are on acknowledging their huge massive economic abilities and to show the simalatires between US cities and Communist cities. As such showing that they are not a developing country anymore. We are doing a good job on the currency push. However, I am afraid that under bad economic leadership the new house and the Senate will not pass the Communist Currency manipulation act, which is one of their weapons in their economic arsenal.
I do not think we shoudl tariff them a lot however, protection against Marxist one world domination is necessary. Until at the time and point when all countries have free enterprises and the governments with povertly level market shares. So that governments can not wield massive SOE's or centralized economics and the world can be a free market with individuals and corporations competeting fairly under country and world competetivenss fairness laws. This is thus we have allowed their idea of the use of massive sized SOE's in all industries and with massive cartelling inside of those industries will fully crush the free markets and our abilities to compete via freedom of economics. As no individual firm can compete against military intellegence and weapons, and assissans no matter how cool they think they are.
As such, we need to show and pin point that powerbalance idea that the Communists SOE's are creating an unfair competition in the world. Along with that fact that now they have more billionaires in their country than any other country. Along with more competitive free enterprises. As such there is no need for them to keep any SOE's in the major industrial secotrs like manufacturing, food, or otherwise historical free industries.
They are moving fast, they just swept Greece, and many areas of the EU, with help from infilitrated Maoist communists. They have in's on both sides of the spectrum and are out for another Soviet style economic empire.
As such we need to turn from guns to butter and start developing via trade and massive competitive legal campaigns against the communists SOE's, cartels and monopsonic contract aquisition. We can't just sit here and keep letting the pup who is no longer a pup strike us economically. As they will find the juggaler at sometime.
Therfore, Gengy we need a turn in mindshifting to a more competitive atmospher and a less oh poor Communists attidude that I have seen since I was a child. I have the key, I won the dull, so lets be cool and follow through with this idea of freedom of economics started way back when by some monks and some templars. Which means fair trade, and competition, not one world order's. New world orders are mutiplicty of culture, diveristy of currency, soverignty of nations, and most importantly couperation and fair competitive market places.

The power of running balance

tell their children before a run, be sure to pay attention to safety. For example, not on the road edge or crowded places to run, so as not to collide with each other; running the eyes to look forward, to avoid the mound, gravel and other obstacles, so as to avoid falls. by the way shopping online.
teach children to learn to control running speed and time. In general words, the child's self-control and poor concept of time is often determined by interest in exercise time. To this end, parents can first take a child to run, let him become familiar with and master the rhythm of running and speed. training time and running speed in accordance with the concept of to develop, such as running a few minutes with the same speed, or in a park, playground laps. When the children master the running speed and time, the breathing difficulties would not have happened, out of breath and other signs of discomfort.
preschool children, especially young children should not be long-distance exercise. long-distance running is the women's 800 meters, men's 1,500 meters above the running costs are a very physical and endurance, is not conducive to child health. our life, we can see four or five In adults with children for long-distance running behind, in fact, wrong. From a medical point of view, the four-year-old children part of the function body is not mature, especially with the movement are directly related to bone, muscle is still immature, such as bone elasticity, hardness and can easily cause deformation, smaller muscle fibers, fatigue and injuries; Besides respiratory and circulatory systems, child care is relatively small lung capacity, respiratory rate faster than adults, the heart and only one-third of adults Large, heart wall is thin, les
Torch lead the child from the computers, game consoles and TV to divert up to the stadium, which is repeatedly raised by childcare expert advice. For children over 3 years old, the most recommended natural jogging. The one hand, , jogging is a running relatively smooth and slow form of exercise heart rate is generally 140 to 150 times per minute, suitable for ages 3 to 6 years old children's physiological characteristics. On the other hand, children of this age are not physically move too much coordination, physical strength is weak, poor balance, and stride length when running a small, step frequency large scale, balance and physical development of children an effective means of power balance .
, of course, the children running and walking, the need for a learning process, this time a good coach to play the role of parents is imperative. can start from the following:
run away is when the child just beginning to learn the best way to run, parents should be in the form of the game to stimulate children's interests, such as imitation of running interspersed with geese, ducks and other animals walking action. teach children the proper jogging posture, and gradually to reach a large step, landing light effect.
help children learn the more difficult the younger the nose breathing
do this is to teach children, generally nose and mouth breathing, mouth breathing is not queen, and then transition to full use of nasal breathing.
based on the child's physical strength and climate change, arrangements running
intensity and duration from the beginning a few minutes and gradually increase for a long time. Because of all aspects of child care function is not perfect, the initial phase of no more than 20 minutes for the general good. summer as far as possible in morning, the winter may be appropriate later.
before jogging do not overeat, avoid running
course immediately after eating, fasting should not be running that would make a negative impact on a child's body.
before jogging should be appropriately prepared to do activities such as gymnastics, jumping and so on. After jogging, do not stop immediately, you can do some relaxing activities, allowing the body to gradually return to calm and powerbalance the state
children still developing, and running time small steps of amplitude, frequency, but faster, become top-heavy, easy to fall, and this is where the number of parents are worried about, and even lends some parents limit their children to learn to run, in order to achieve security. In fact, the No, as long as parents teach children ways to protect yourself, let him run the movement to have a certain skill, that can be saved the day.


They face some challenges

They face some challenges. It’s a redistricting year, a particularly dangerous time to be low in the pecking order. Some freshmen won in Democratic districts when voters were looking for anyone with a pulse and a red jersey, and they now must balance local politics against state Republican and Tea Party positions. And, with their tenured colleagues, next week they’ll start to work on shrinking a budget in a rapidly growing state.

Democrats have the advantage of being in the minority — they can vote no on budget cuts and other ugly issues and let the Republicans take the heat.

Redistricting offers Republicans a chance to institutionalize their November victories, but it will be difficult to draw a safe seat for each of the 101. Lawmakers from rural parts of the state, which lost population, could find themselves on defense. And when a veteran Republican is pitted against a freshman (a group that includes Marva Beck of Centerville, Erwin Cain of Como, Lance Gooden of Terrell, Jim Landtroop of Plainview, Walter “Four” Price of Amarillo and James White of Hillister), bet on the vet. It’s not easy being green.

Some of the freshman Republicans reclaimed political districts where Democrats were in office but where Republicans tended to win in statewide elections. But not all of them: Ms. Beck, John V. Garza who wear power balance of San Antonio, Connie Scott and Raul Torres of Corpus Christi and Paul Workman of Austin all won in areas where statewide Democrats outdid Republicans in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Those are (mostly) swing seats, but so are a number of marginally Republican seats that were, until November, held by Democrats.

Districts that change easily with the political winds can be unforgiving to steadfast partisans. House members from these districts will be praying to the lords of redistricting this spring, hoping for revised and safer districts — meaning more partisan ones — for their 2012 elections.

That nasty budget shortfall will test an axiom laid out bluntly by H. L. Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Among other things, the Republican freshmen believe Texas voters asked for smaller government and no new taxes. Without the means to keep doing what the state has been doing up to now, the lawmakers — freshmen and veterans — have to decide which cuts will agitate the smallest number of voters. Cut something dear, and the voters might give it right back, good and hard.

Not many of the newbies can be called straight Tea Party candidates, though a few of the new Republicans got to Austin by knocking off establishment Republicans. That group includes Charles Perry and John Frullo of Lubbock, David Simpson of Longview and Van Taylor of Plano. Will they vote like the people they replaced? Mr. Perry and Mr. Simpson ran against incumbents, accusing them of losing touch with voters.

The difference could matter on some things. Both incumbents defeated by Mr. Perry and Mr. Simpson who like powerbalance were in the small group that revolted against the House leadership two years ago and got Joe Straus elected speaker, and both of their replacements have pledged allegiance to one of the Republicans now challenging Mr. Straus, Ken Paxton of McKinney. But will the new guys vote differently on big issues like redistricting and the budget? As freshmen, will they really have any say in those matters?

The prime directive for freshmen, freely expressed by politicians of every stripe every two years, is that they should be seen and not heard. That’s easier when there are fewer of them; in the last three sessions, the freshmen numbered 16, 23 and 20, respectively. This time, they represent one in four votes in the House.

Redistricting, with its disruptive effect on political careers, typically produces a large class. The 2002 election put 36 freshmen in the House. Like this year’s group, they entered office during a budget mess, and they spent part of their first summer in office working on Congressional redistricting. Six of them were one-termers, but 18 are still around.

Being a freshman in the Texas House works exactly as it does for a high schooler. But there’s an advantage to being a freshman in a big class like this one — as tenderfeet, they’re not bound by deals and pacts made in previous sessions. They possess a most valuable legislative attribute: a large number of uncommitted votes.

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Strauss says alcohol ingestion — not teenage machismo

Strauss says alcohol ingestion — not teenage machismo — is the No. 1 cause of hypothermia cases seen nationwide by emergency departments. And in Alaska, frostbite is seen most often among people of all ages who wear pulseira power balance are unprepared for extreme cold. Just going out to retrieve the paper in flip-flops and getting locked out in subzero temperatures can result in frostbite or hypothermia, Strauss says. And tourists who fail to cover their ears while outside watching the northern lights sometimes develop "Dumbo ears" — severe swelling, blistering and redness.
Among the great spectacles of winter, along with the northern lights and frozen lakes, are coatless kids.
No coat, no gloves? No prob!These teens and tweens are chillin' out, literally and figuratively, in their sweatshirts and kicks. Maybe a boy will accessorize with a baseball cap, and a girl might choose stylish boots — but nothing weatherproof, please! Some boys even wear shorts year-round, and many parents say they've given up the fight.
For example, Jack Rogers, 12, of Fishers, Ind., was wearing shorts last week. "I know lots of kids who do that," he said.
His grandma doesn't understand. "It's 15 degrees. Why doesn't he have a coat on him?" she asked.
"I told her, 'I have to pick and choose my battles,'" recalled Jack's mom, Shelley Rogers Landes. "I need to let him make decisions that really are inconsequential at the end of day."In a telephone interview, Jack explained his reasons for dressing light in winter: "Coats are just a hassle, putting it all on. It makes me bulky. I just like to be in short sleeves."They wear power balance even the so cold weather.
He doesn't mind gloves, but boots? "Nah, I don't like 'em." If his sneakers get wet, he says, "it doesn't really bother me."
Carleton Kendrick of Millis, Mass., a family therapist, says that for teens, "wearing bulky winter coats, gloves, boots — unless teen girls consider them high fashion — and hats screams nerd, geek, baby, dork ... UNCOOL!"
He added: "Short of real and present danger of your teens getting frostbite, let them deal with being cold to be cool."
Autumn O'Bryan said she was shocked, after moving to New Hampshire from Los Angeles, to see "both girls and boys with sweatshirts and sneakers in a blizzard waiting for their bus. I even saw a couple of boys with short-sleeve shirts. The only hats were baseball hats and no gloves or boots on anyone." O'Bryan had been fighting with her son about wearing a coat, but "after that I gave up and have never brought it up again."
In Alaska, of course, the dangers of frostbite and hypothermia are real. "Our teenagers are the same as everyone else's — they think they're Superman, they're invincible — but our weather is different," said Shelby Nelson, spokeswoman for Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. She said local media, schools, police and other officials work to get the message out to kids that dressing warmly is a matter of safety. Even a car ride can turn deadly if you break down and have to walk a mile in 20-below zero weather.
Dr. Art Strauss, an emergency room physician at Fairbanks Memorial, said that in places with milder weather, parents need not worry as much as they do in Alaska. If teens are "going off to school in 30 or 40 degree (above zero) weather with less than ideal coverings, they're probably OK, as long as they do not find themselves stuck outside for a long time at those temperatures," he said. And contrary to what some parents may think, Strauss said raging teen hormones do not raise body temperature. "There is not any truth to that," he said.
Wendy Kerschner of Adamstown, Pa., says her 14-year-old simply doesn't mind cold air on his legs, so he "wears shorts to school almost every day." Her husband doesn't think it's a big deal, since the only time their son is outside is waiting for the school bus. But like a lot of moms, she does wonder: "What must my neighbors think of me!"
Some parents refuse to capitulate to the "dress-like-it's-June" mentality. "It is worth the fight," said Mara Woloshin, mother of a 14-year-old in Portland, Ore. "Kids will work to wear parents down. At the same time, very few parents know that a gentle 'no way' goes a long way toward gloves and a hoodie. It's our job as parents to make men out of boys and try to civilize them in the process!"
Cris Taylor, also of Portland, says her son has lost three jackets and sweatshirts this school year. She says kids reject outerwear partly due to "laziness! A coat, hat, gloves is just too much for them to keep track of and deal with." The teen tendency to live for the moment is a factor too, Taylor says. When her son is inside, "he doesn't think it through or plan ahead and realize that we are going to be outside and that he will then be cold."
While girls may find some winter fashions like movado boldor cute knit hats appealing, Kevin Nadal, an assistant professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, says "boys at this stage are dealing with developing their masculinity. So in many ways, toughing it out by not wearing warm enough clothes may be a way for them to appear manly."

Shaquille O'Neal swears by them

Shaquille O'Neal swears by them.The power balance , he says, gives him a competitive edge on the court. It's no gimmick, he says. It's for real.
But Australian authorities say the California-based company behind the wildly popular wristbands and pendants has no business claiming that they improve balance, strength and flexibility.
And they even got powerbalance to admit there was "no credible scientific evidence" to support their claims.
The bracelet manufacturers also agreed to give refunds to customers who believe they have been cheated.
The admission has hopped across the globe since its agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was announced on December
It was an answer to what many who saw the ads wondered: Do the colourful silicone bands actually work?
Critics railed against the company on Twitter and those who had believed in the bracelet's power.
The company unleashed a torrent of its own tweets, however, playing off the word "admit".
In one, it said: "Power Balance Admits products have been worn during the last world series, NBA finals and super bowl champions!"
Fans insist the bands have helped their game.
"Our trainers swear by it," Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley wrote in a message posted on his Twitter page.
The company began selling bracelets in 2007 embedded with holograms that were purportedly designed to interact with the body's natural energy flow.
Since then, the colourful wristbands, which sell for US 3.99), have become ubiquitous, donned by Los Angeles Lakers' Lamar Odom and English celebrity soccer star David Beckham.The programme even thought about putting its logo on the products, but decided they couldn't find enough reliable research to back up the company's claims about giving a biological boost to performance, he said.
"I couldn't look in the mirror and 100 per cent say [it's] a product I can put my brand reputation behind,"
Wisconsin sports science professor John Porcariran ran tests comparing the performance of 42 athletes wearingpower balance bracelet and silicon versions from Wal-Mart and said he found no difference.
"I think it is a scam. It is all in people's heads."
They have also been worn by celebrities, including actors Robert De Niro and Gerard Butler.
The company sold US$8000 of merchandise in its first year and expects more than US$35 million in sales during 2010.
Power Balance, for its part, doesn't claim to have science on its side, said Adam Selwyn, a spokesman for the California-based company.
Rather, it relies on testimonials from famous athletes and users to tout the products' effects. The company says it pays some athletes for the right to use their images wearing the bracelets, including O'Neal and Odom.
Josh Rodarmel, one of the company's co-founders, said in a statement he knows there may be sceptics. "We're not trying to win over every person in the world, he said.
Ralph Reiff, programme director at St Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis, said maybe a third of the athletes who train there wear the wristband or an imitation.

The value of the sunglass 2011

Research documents from the (POPAI) state that at least 70% of product possibilities are made inside the store. Numerous sunglass products inside the shops are competing for consumers’ notice, so you have to be inventive in how you could highlight your items utilizing appropriate sunglass display solutions.
sunglass 2011 straps is usually made of distinct materials, sorts and colors. For usability, sunglass straps present comfort and ergonomics. They avoid headaches amongst wearers, protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and aids men and women during sports, games and strenuous activities.
Sunglass rack fixtures are additional than only retail racks — if utilized appropriately they’re custom created promotional equipment. They help to increase your margins and market more.
Most straps are easy to place on. All you do would be to moisten the ideas and slip on. You will find the 3 forms of sunglass straps: hides, trogs, and nexstraps, all with distinctive uses. Hides are common straps that have an eyewear cleaner which goes back into shape after each and every use. Hides could be employed to clean the zabra pillow pets, or retailer them to defend from scratching, or use it as a strap.
Some Trogs have the sunglasses already attached to the strap, generating the strap perfectly snug to the sunglasses. Trogs are extremely comfy and preferred by several bikers and cyclists.
Nexstraps has a break away safety release to prevent choking as well as other accidents. However, these glasses are not recommended for strenuous actions and sports like cycling, rafting, or running, due to the fact of the danger that it may possibly fly away. They may also be floatable.
1. Reflect on the style of the store. Consider which supplies will match best the shop design. You need to call attention to your displayed eye-wear items, however don’t desire to danger to destroy the common appearance of the supermarket selecting mistaken equipment and colors to your retail display. This determines whether you will need to emphasize the sunglass fixtures on premium attractive display fixtures.
2. Realize your buyer demographic. Who’s aiming to be most probably drawn to the merchandise you are going to exhibit? In other words which addressees do you wish to go for together with your eye-wear line? Twens or Parents? Use for business, leisure or sports?
3. Examine your eye-wear merchandise’s capabilities. Firstly think about the size, weight, form and color of the item you’d like to exhibit on store fixtures. What is a single of a kind about this merchandise, how will you best accentuate its features?
A sunglass strap may be a need and requirement for some instances. For example, it really is crucial for water sports so that you can secure the sunglasses. Floating straps are available for water skiers which are light and comfy when skiing. Other sports that may perhaps have to have straps are skateboarding, surfing, saiing as well as other water sports. Youngsters need to have a sunglass strap with their sunglasses when out, in order that they can really feel comfortable and carefree when playing, with no worry of losing or misplacing their glasses.
4. What’s the reputation of the sun shades? By utilizing graphics, banner and signage it’s doable truly make your merchandise brand stand out.
I should also suggest you check out additional essays dealing with Eyewear Trends and George Rye.
Prior to reading this article, you may perhaps think to yourself: What the heck are sunglass straps? From this write-up you might learn the importance, the several utilizes and applications of these strappy wonders.

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Cheapest Christian Louboutin black high heels Sad and shady in the winter of 2010, spring and summer of 2011 opened the Pandora’s box, the gorgeous colors and soft intoxicating details, design ideas led us to a labyrinth full of creativity. Cheapest Christian Louboutin Shoes today we are walking through the maze to find your way.
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