power balance is described as performance technology using holograms

power balance is described as “a performance technology using holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with the body’s natural energy field to improve balance, strength and flexibility.”What they’re talking about here, but cannot mention for fear of disappearing the illusion and watching their sales plummet, is the placebo effect. Until such time as Power Balance, and other purveyors of magic rubber bracelets, prove scientifically how their products work beyond the hokum of esoteric crystal frequencies, energy fields and auras, I’m gonna write this one down to a stone cold grift based on the placebo effect, the gullibility of humans, peer pressure and our innate desire for a quick fix.
Our minds are incredible things. Belief is powerful medicine. The placebo effect is a measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered.
Sounds pretty amazing right? Just by putting on a little rubber band with a mylar (the same shiny stuff your teabags come wrapped in) holographic image imbedded in it, and all of sudden you’re a leaner, meaner more focussed version of yourself. Instantly. No need for years of yoga, kung-fu or pilates. No need for discipline, focus and self control.
When you slip on this power balance bracelet, it’s supposed to attune your body’s energy field and make you instantly more powerful and balanced. No need to ask penetrative questions about how it works, no need to understand the science behind the product, put one on and feel better, more grounded, alert, balanced, powerful. Try it. Under the heading of “How Does Power Balance Work” on the website it says:
powerbalance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body.”
But it never gets deeper than that. I mean how does a hologram, something that is almost entirely electrically inert manage to tune your body’s energy field? I asked photographer adventure sports photographer Craig Kolesky how it worked and he said there was a metal wire inside that affects your electro-magnetic field. I took my Power Balance and cut it in half with scissors. There’s nothing inside. It’s just a mylar hologram. In an interview with basketball magazine Slam, the founder of Power Balance Josh Rodarmel tries to explain how it all came about, and how it works.
“We put frequencies in the holograms that react positively with your body’s energy field. The same way that wireless internet or cell phones or radio waves or different things like that—everything has a frequency and everything reacts with other frequencies. The frequencies I just mentioned react negatively with your body, but there are also frequencies that react positively with your body. We figured out how to put those in the hologram so when it comes into contact with your body, it gives you that added balance, strength, flexibility. We can demonstrate that through the different muscle tests. That’s more on the sports side. Our testimonials say it helps athletes with their stamina and they recover faster, things like that. The cool thing about this product and what makes it viral is the personal experience that everybody has. It differs. The experience that I have might be different from the one you have or anyone else has.”
There’s a new grift in the world of pro surfing. Scratch that, there’s a new grift in the world at large. Power Balance. Yes I’m talking about that phony little silicone bangle you’re wearing with the “magic” hologram inside. You see them all over the place right now. They’re particularly prevalent in the surfing world but you’ll also find them adorning the wrists of tri-athletes, basketball players, American football stars, MMA fighters and your average smattering of business execs, gym bunnies, advertising shlumpfs and thousands of other gullible schuksters looking for a quick fix. The good people at power balance armband – and several of the spin off competitors – yes a grift this good births hundreds of imitators – are onto a good thing. A product that costs little more than R5 bucks to make, mass produced in China, is being sold for R495 smackeroos. But how does it work?

The function of the sillicon power balance

I wrote back power balance in August that the Italians were investigating the phenomenon of Power Balance wristbands. Being sarcastic, this means the Italians might rule on the matter by 2015 but the wheels of justice turn slowly in many other countries.
We humans are suckers for products that promise gains when we know deep down the claim is probably phoney. This isn't to ridicule the whole cycle trade, there are many great products out there that push the edge of technology. The difference is in the marketing claims, you probably buy your cycling shoes for the visual appeal rather than any marketing claims about magic holograms and you can demonstrate a frame is lighter or more aero than others, even if each manufacturer knows there are many ways to ensure a flattering result.
Nevertheless they have become a worldwide marketing phenomenon, sported by sports stars. I've yet to discover the terms awarded to those endorsing these products. For me the most amusing tale is that of Leire Pajín Iraola, pictured, who sports one. She is the Spanish health minister, charged with overseeing a multi-billion Euro budget for sensitive healthcare and pharmaceutical matters.
But in Australia the authorities have acted faster and censured the company. They have reportedly said people can return the bans for a full refund if disatisfied. It does beg the question of whether any adult is going to risk returning to the shop asking for their money back, claiming they were duped by tales of power balance bracelet holograms and "natural energy fields".
Yet I can't help wondering if all this is harmless. First, sometimes the placebo effect can be big, if it helped some with confidence, then all the better. Second, surely only a few bought this piece of plastic expecting performance gains?
What is the difference between a silicon band power balance armband... and a bike?But what does it all say about pro endorsements? If some people were swayed by images of their favourite rider wearing a silicone band, are they also impressed by the victor's choice of sunglasses, shoes or even bike? Because almost every pro is paid to use these items, it is rarely a matter of choice and in any event you can give a rider any type of sunglasses, shoes or bike and the result is highly likely to be the same.


The global economic recession.

Diplomatic successes are rarely enduring if they are not rooted in purposefulness at home. The UPA's domestic policy drift since it returned to power in 2009 is palpable. Arresting it is a necessary precondition for credible diplomacy in 2011.Although each of India's relationships with major powers has its own specific character, four broad themes have stood out in India's big powerbalance diplomacy in 2010.
The first is about ending India's extended nuclear isolation. After it conducted five nuclear tests in May 1998, India embarked on a bold quest for reconciliation with the global non-proliferation order. A decade of sustained diplomatic effort, especially with the US, saw the Nuclear Suppliers Group grant an exemption in 2008 to the current international rules that bar civilian nuclear cooperation with India, a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The NSG exemption in 2008, however, has left India's status in the non-proliferation order undetermined. The focus this year has been on plugging this last gap between India and the nuclear order.
US President Barack Obama supported India's membership of the various non-proliferation groupings like the NSG, Missile Technology Control Regime, the Australia Group that regulates trade and chemical and biological materials, and the Wassenaar Arrangement that oversees trade in conventional weapons and dual-use technologies.
Other major power balance wholesale usa, except China, have endorsed India's integration as an equal member of these important non-proli-feration clubs. Delhi's challenge in 2011 is to complete this process externally, and develop the necessary internal capabilities for regulating the outward flow of sensitive technologies from India.In a second major advance this year, India has won broader support from the major powers for India's permanent membership of the UNSC. While Britain, France and Russia had endorsed India's candidature earlier, Washington and Beijing remained ambivalent until recently. Obama came through during his visit to India, but Beijing is yet to make up its mind.
The second half of the year saw visits from the leaders of all five permanent members of the UNSC -- the United States, China, Russia, France, and Britain. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also travelled to Tokyo and Brussels for the annual summits with Japan and the European Union. He also squeezed in a meeting with the German chancellor on his trip to Europe.
While the government has reason to celebrate the outcomes from India's engagement with the great powers, it can easily forget the main driver of the new international interest in Delhi -- India's return to high economic growth rates amidst the enduring gloom that has enveloped the advanced world after the global economic recession.

The SAS roundup is not universally critical of celebrities

The SAS roundup is not universally critical of celebrities, however, citing Jennifer Aniston as a voice of reason. When reports emerged that she was apparently on a baby-food diet, Aniston told People magazine: “Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was one that own my truth chanel sunglass 2011. I’ve been on solids for about 40 years now.”

The campaigners also highlighted the enduring themes of celebrity science. The first is the all-too-common claim that a product is “chemical-free” – everything is made from chemicals, SAS points out. And the second theme, especially prevalent at this time of year, is that “detox” is good for you. Detox is a marketing myth, said SAS – human bodies can remove their own toxins without the need for “pricey potions and detox diets”.

“We have thousands of scientists who are willing to look at claims about medicine and science,” said Hogg who like wearing power balance bracelet. “We’d like to see more celebrities checking out the science before they open their mouths and send the wrong thing viral.”

Placebo effect

SAS also pointed to several examples of sports stars, actors and even Spanish government ministers endorsing Power Balance, a silicone bracelet that contains a hologram. David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Robert de Niro and Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello have all made positive noises about the device, according to SAS.

Greg Whyte, a sports scientist at Liverpool John Moores University, said Barrichello’s claim that he felt and performed better when he exercised wearing the bracelet was not surprising. “Over time physical training enhances oxygen transport and consumption, and increases muscle mass and range of motion,” he said. “Any perceived enhancement to his performance from wearing the Power Balance bracelet is likely to be a placebo effect, as he expects to feel a change.”

Cage fighter Alex Reid took things much further with his tips for health this year. Giving his fans advice on how to prepare for a match, he told the Sun: “It’s actually very good for a man to have unprotected sex as long as he doesn’t ejaculate. Because I believe that all that semen has a lot of nutrition. A tablespoon of semen has your equivalent of steak, eggs, lemons and oranges,power balance . I am reabsorbing it into my body and it makes me go raaaaahh.”

John Aplin, a reproductive research scientist at the University of Manchester, said that sperm cannot be reabsorbed once formed in the testes. “In fact sperm die after a few days, and the nutritional content of the ejaculate is really rather small. And it’s worth remembering that unprotected sex might result in pregnancy or the passing on of a sexually transmitted infection.”

The favourite of sceptics everywhere, homeopathy, also makes an appearance. Julia Sawalha told the Daily Telegraph earlier this year: “I don’t get inoculations or take anti-malaria tablets when I go abroad, I take the homeopathic alternative, called ‘nosodes’, and I’m the only one who never goes down with anything and own kameleon jewelry sale .”
Jayne Lawrence, chief scientific advisor at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said Sawalha had been fortunate in not getting malaria, as there was no active ingredient in homeopathic treatments that would have protected her against the disease.


I'm still on this game here

Fortunately for the Eagles, there's a real easy way to do that this coming week. Don't play him. Don't even give him a uniform and let him suit up. This loss was a blessing in disguise. With nothing to play for Sunday, they have either 10 or 11 days until their playoff game. And the best thing for the Eagles and Michael Vick who wear barbour jackets is that he doesn't take a single hit during that time.
He was running for his life from the start Tuesday. Vick suffered a quadriceps contusion on the first play of the game, and all night the Vikings mixed up blitz packages designed to rush him, hit him and force him into confused mistakes. It worked. He fumbled twice, threw one interception and had at least two more throws bounce in and out of the hands or off the chests of Vikings defenders. Minnesota, along with the Giants in Week 15 (for the first three quarters, at least), have given potential playoff opponents a blueprint for stopping Vick. They've also left him pretty well battered, which is why he needs this next week off to heal.
"We've got to take care of him, that's the No. 1 thing," Eagles tight end Brent Celek who collection movado bold said. "When he's running for his life back there, it's tough to win football games.""I think we thought they were going to lay down for us," receiver Jason Avant said. "That's what it seemed like to me out there, and it just didn't feel right."
But what feels much worse for the Eagles is the number of hits Vick is taking. He was sacked six times in this game and hit on countless more plays than that. He's getting hit in the pocket. He's getting hit on the run. Teams know that hitting him is the best way to make him play worse, in the short term and long. The secret's out. He can and should be hit, and the Eagles aren't doing much to prevent it from happening.
"That wasn't Michael Vick out there tonight," running back LeSean McCoy said. "We didn't protect him, at all. The man's human, and we need to protect him better."
"I'm a competitor," Vick said. "I always want to play. But ultimately, that's Andy's decision and I know he'll make the best decision possible for the team."
Reid didn't want to talk about it. He was ultra-grouchy about the defeat, calling it "pathetic," saying only one team (Minnesota) showed up for the game and putting the responsibility on himself for not coaching a better game. He even barked at a Philadelphia newspaper columnist for showing up late to the postgame news conference. When the topic of resting players was first raised, he just added his answer to his angry screed.
"That's not where we're at right now," Reid wear power balance usa said. "We're not good enough to do that."
But value judgments aside, they're in exactly the right position to rest starters -- especially a starter as critical to their success as Vick is. They have nothing to play for. The Cowboys have nothing to play for, so they don't have to worry about impacting someone else's race. The game literally means nothing, and it's a perfect chance to get Vick some rest and backup Kevin Kolb some work. Heck, they wouldn't even be giving up on trying to win -- they'd be putting in a guy who was their starting quarterback at the start of the season!
"I haven't even thought about that," Reid grumbled. "I'm still on this game here."
But there's no reason for that. This game here is over, and with it the Eagles' hopes for a first-round playoff bye. Certainly, they should have creamed the banged-up Vikings as the Bears (who now have that first-round bye) did last week and everyone expected them to. Certainly, a team with Super Bowl aspirations, coming off one of the most inspirational victories in its history, should have played better on this night. But they didn't, and they couldn't say why.

A high school band from Pennsylvania

Hundreds of airline passengers were stranded for up to 10 hours on the tarmac at overworked Kennedy Airport. Ambulances struggled to get patients through unplowed streets. City buses sat abandoned in the snow.
The Christmas weekend blizzard proved to be the curse that keeps on giving Tuesday, as confusion and frustration snowballed in New York and the rest of the country.
Airlines were dispatching planes to the airport without lining up gate space first, causing backups on the ground, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates Kennedy and the place saling barbour jackets sale.
Cathay Pacific spokesman Gus Whitcomb said the planes had taken off under the assumption that they would have somewhere to go upon landing.
In general, U.S. airlines operating domestic flights are not allowed to keep passengers waiting on the tarmac for more than three hours. But the rule does not apply to international flights or foreign airlines.
The chaos was also reflected in New York's streets, where hundreds of abandoned city buses and dozens of ambulances still sat in the middle of snowdrifts from the storm, which clobbered the city with up to 2 feet of snow. A video that instantly went viral on the Internet showed city crews accidentally smashing a parked car as they tried to free a city construction vehicle.
Officials warned it could take until New Year's to rebook all passengers and straighten out the transportation mess created by the storm, which shut down all three of New York's major airports for 24 hours and caused a ripple effect across the U.S.
A high school band from Pennsylvania faced the prospect of marching in the Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena, Calif., with only half its musicians after the storm stranded the rest in Philadelphia. European tourists who wear chanel sunglass 2011 planned to fly into New York found themselves in Chicago when their flights were diverted. Travelers as far away as San Francisco were marooned, even though they were headed nowhere near the Northeast.
New York's airports struggled to get planes in and out. But some jetliners couldn't even get to the gate.
At Kennedy, a British Airways plane from London carrying 300 passengers waited five hours for an open gate, and then two more hours for customs to open, said John Lampl, a spokesman for the airline. A Cathay Pacific flight that had been diverted to Toronto spent 10 hours on the tarmac, and a second Cathay Pacific plane with 250 people sat on the runway for about eight hours Tuesday.
Passenger Abi Subramanian, 38, said supplies on the plane were running low and he was worried about his wife and 2-month-old daughter.
"We're going to be in trouble very shortly. There's no food left for her," he told The Associated Press by cell phone, shortly before the family got off the plane.


Do some shopping

Lauren Conrad was caught filming some scenes for her new MTV reality show, this time at the LS Store clothing boutique somewhere on the streets of LA.

Lauren was seen walking up to eventually meet up with a guy friend going to do some shopping as Lauren was carrying a Coco Chanel handbag, a canvas bag with sunglasses, and wearing muave top with black skinny jeans.

Then, Lauren and friend went into the store that sale pillow pets wholesale and did some major shoe investigating, probably deciding what shoes would go good with many of Lauren's outfits.

Just the day before, Lauren went and made an appearance on CBS's The Talk, discussing basics every girl needs for their wardrobe like blazers, rubber heels, and accessories.

Another thing Lauren's celebrating is that she is the number two highest-earning reality star raking in $5 million, only one away from Kim Kardashian who raked in $6 million.

It looks like 2011 is going to be another good year for Lauren Conrad, with reality shows, chanel sunglass 2011, Kohl's, paid appearances, and her very own clothing line.

Bassett just wrapped shooting on ;Green Lantern,; playing Dr. Amanda Waller in the Martin Campbellhelmed Warner Bros. tentpole. She is casting her directorial debut, ;United States,; which is slated to go before cameras in the fall. She is repped by Gersh and Lighthouse Entertainment.

Bassett joined the regular cast of the medical drama series ER for the shows final season (20082009). She portrayed Dr. Catherine Banfield, an exacting Chief of the ER who was also working to recover from the death of a son and to bring another child into her family. Bassett;s husband Courtney Vance played her television husband on ER as Russell Banfield.

8216;The Green Lantern,; which is slated to hit theaters on June 17, 2011. Angela Bassett joins the cast of Warner Bros.; ;Green Lantern; opposite Ryan Reynolds, Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong. She will play Dr. Amanda Waller, a government agent who is a staple of the DC Comics series.

As her interest in entertainment developed, she and her sister would often put on shows, reading poems or performing popular music for their family. At Boca Ciega High School, Bassett was a cheerleader and a member of the debate team, student government, drama club and choir.

bright pastel colors in the collection

If you have noticed, the Cruise chanel sunglass 2011 collection for ladies can be best described as a mish-mash of elements from the 50s, 60s and 70s, with a style that's nostalgic and yet modern at the same time. Drawing influences from Miami's Art Deco vibe, Marc Jacobs' magical touch seems to be working again. Either that, or I'm just happy to see so many floral and bright pastel colors in the collection.

Bridge Alexandre III – Paris 8e17h00 RICK OWENS new chanel sunglasses, Palate of Chaillot – 1 place du Trocadero – Paris 16e18h00 LUTZ, Garage Turenne – 66 rue de Turenne – Paris 3e19h00 AF VANDEVORST, Art schools of Paris – Melpomène room – 13 quai Malaquais – Paris 6e20h00 NINA RICCI, See invitation21h00 BLESS, Loft Sevigne – 46 rue de Sevigne – Paris 3eVendredi March 5, 2010 10:00 RM BY THE DESIGNER ROLAND MOURET, Japy Gymnasium – 2 rue Japy – Paris 11e11h00 ISSEY MIYAKE, the Carrousel of Louvre – Room Ours, 99, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris chanel sunglass 201112h00 GASPARD YURKIEVICH, the Carrousel of Louvre – Room Soufflot, 99, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris 13h00 BERNHARD WILLHELM, Brongniart Palate – place of the Stock Exchange – Paris 2e14h30 Christian Dior, Transitory Space Tileries – Garden of Tileries – Paris 1er15h30 ISABEL MARANT, Convent of Cordeliers – 15 rue de l’Ecole de Medecine – Paris 6e16h30 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Market Freyssinet – 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol – Paris 13th 17:30 LANVIN, Market Freyssinet – 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol – Paris 13e18h30 HOUSE MARTIN MARGIELA, Market Freyssinet – 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol – Paris 13e19h30 VERONIQUE LEROY, Turenne Garage – 66 rue de Turenne – Paris 3e20h30 YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Carnot College – 145 boulevard Malesherbes – Paris 17eSamedi March 6 201009h30 JUNYA WATANABE, See invitation10h30 HAIDER ACKERMANN, the Art schools of Paris – Melpomène room – 13 quai Malaquais – Paris 6e11h30 TSUMORI CHISATO, the Carrousel of Louvre – Soufflot Room, 99, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris 12h30 CHAPURIN, the Carrousel of Louvre – Room Ours, 99, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris 13h30 VIKTOR & ROLF, Transitory Space Tileries – Garden of Tileries – Paris 1er14h30 CACHAREL, 7 place Vend me – Paris 1er15h30 SOPHIA

Chanel sunglass 2011

Then select the colored sunglasses with no weight. Dark shades may seem mysterious andtempting, but if you do not have businesses that require lots of sunlight, you should not buy just because of their appearance. Are not always able to choose the light or the color of the stained chanel sunglass 2011 in the purchase of replicas, then you should be very selective about what is at hand. Save yourself the embarrassment of having to wear dark clothes fashion chic – to fall face down in front of the audience loves because it is toodark for you to see the last step!

tone reproduction can be bought mostly for show, but also must perform the basic function of protection for each color. nuances of quality replica would be a good protection against UV rays, so they are able to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays, since accented with elegant frames and lenses. In this way, you can wear your colors, also as part of their daily wardrobe, and you really can exude style with every step you take!

Some say you should buy the original if you really want cute accessories. But millions of fashion conscious people around the world recognize the value of replica sunglasses. Earning the right to "seek", after all, you do not, the brand or the value of "snob" of his glasses, Dior, Gap or copies of Chanel sunglasses, even if they are.

No matter how you look, even the accessories are just a replica. Glasses, which is derived from existing lines of haute couture,Gucci bags or items such as chanel sunglass 2011, enjoy a situation that puts them above even the other models for replication. The work required to copy the signature designs often require precision and dedication, even a diehard Paris fashion show would have to admire the final result.

But just because you're using an accessory that is held in high fashion, is not automatically a style expert. How do you make sure you have the right "look" whenthat is a replica of the sports sunglasses? You start by choosing a frame that fits the shape of the face. "Design" is not "one size fits all" – it still needs to be careful in the choice of frames. You can choose different frames to mix and match with different outfits, but the shape of your face even dictate the type of frame that suits to any combination you want.


snowstorm are so terrible

So cold now the barbour jackets is the best choose for this winter.Major airlines canceled flights in the storm's path, the Associated Press reported Sunday afternoon. Continental Airlines canceled 250 departures from Newark, and United Airlines canceled dozens of Sunday departures from Newark, Philadelphia, New York's LaGuardia and Kennedy, Boston Logan and other airports. AirTran and Southwest Airlines also canceled flights, mostly in or out of Dulles International, Baltimore-Washington International Marshall and Newark.

Courtney Mickalonis, a spokeswoman who like wear onlinenewshop when he is out. for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said runways at Dulles and Reagan National airports were clear. But she said some airlines had canceled flights and urged passengers to check before they set off for the airport.

"It really is on a flight-by-flight basis," she said. "At least it's after the holiday. But still, nobody wants to be stuck."
A massive snowstorm that swept up the East Coast on Sunday largely slipped by the Washington region but caused major disruptions along the Northeast corridor on one of the year's busiest travel weekends.

Flights were grounded at airports from the Carolinas to Boston, with more than 1,000 cancellations at New York City-area airports alone. People heading home after the Christmas holiday scurried to find alternatives, as many buses and trains were canceled and seats on others filled quickly.

By Sunday evening, only a dusting had fallen in the District and surrounding suburbs, according to Dan Stillman of The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang. A few inches of accumulation were reported further east in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties in Maryland. Maryland and Delaware beaches were walloped, with Ocean City reporting 10 inches of snow and counting by evening.

Flurries were expected to taper off in the region overnight, but Monday will usher in high winds and colder temperatures, with expected highs near 30, Stillman said. The good news, he said, is that a warming trend is expected as the week wears on, with the possibility of hitting the 50s by the New Year's weekend.

Late Sunday, Amtrak was not expecting to cancel any trains out of Union Station, but some Sunday service was stopped south of Washington and between Boston and New York, a spokesman said. On one Amtrak train from New York City to the District on Sunday morning, the conductor warned passengers that there had been a last-minute surge in ticket sales.

Megabus stopped all service in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, and BoltBus canceled its Monday service. Greyhound canceled several routes in the Carolinas and Virginia and service to New York City.

"It's the old chestnuts roasting on the open fire, good day to be home for the holidays. But it is a terrible time to be out and traveling," said Lon Anderson of AAA-Mid Atlantic, which had predicted that about 2.2 million D.C. area residents would travel this week.

Early Sunday morning, the storm hit North Carolina straight on and then spread northeast, causing slick roads and putting a damper on post-Christmas bargain-hunting. In Philadelphia, Eagles fans had only boos for the white stuff, as their Sunday-night game against the Minnesota Vikings was postponed until Tuesday.

After a weekend full of tidings of a white day-after-Christmas, the storm made a curious end run around the Washington region, as the more severe weather hit areas east and south of the Beltway in Maryland and Virginia. The federal government announced it would be open Monday, operating on a normal schedule.


It's the spirit of Christmas

Hood says that the Salvation Army arrived relatively late to digital fundraising and still receives a smaller proportion of its funds online than many smaller charities. But he predicts that online giving will gradually replace its direct mail campaigns. In the last few years, the organization has dived into electronic media.

On Dec. 15, 11,000 computer users streamed live the "Rock the Red Kettle" pop concert aimed at teenagers.

"We have to be where youth are," said Maj. Robert Rudd, who is in charge of development for the group's western division and like movado bold Chronograph, which includes California. "Sixty percent of the world's population is 25 or younger."

Hood and Rudd who wear power balance said the online efforts supplement, rather than replace, the Salvation Army's human bell ringers. Some retail property owners ban solicitation, including bell ringers, outside their stores. But 25,000 were still out during this year's fund drive, raising a large portion of the group's expected $130 million intake for the year.

Online donations were up in 2010, Rudd said, although Christmas donations were down about 4%. But despite the tough economy, nine out of 10 people who pass a bell ringer put something in the pot, he said.

"Typically, when Americans go through hard time they are very generous," he said. A particularly lucrative location is 7th Street and Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, according to Rudd, who recalls having to empty the red kettle three times a day.

Many shoppers these days no longer carry small bills, so hundreds of red kettle sites are equipped with machines that accept credit or debit cards. Those donations average $15 rather than $2 per person. In at least 10 states, kettles have yielded gold coins, including one in Watsonville, Calif., that was worth $1,500.

Outside a JC Penney store in Ventura last week, bell ringer Gilbert Young said that during a long career in retail, he had never met as many openhearted people as he had in a few days soliciting for the nonprofit. "So many put $20 bills in," he said. "People say the Salvation Army is still one of the charities they believe in."

Young said he's glad that no matter how large the Online Red Kettle project grows, the group has no plans to phase out the live bell ringers because personal contact on the local level is key to maintaining its image.
"It's nostalgic for me. I think it's a tradition that should keep on going," he said. "It's the spirit of Christmas."


Tarzan" and Off-Broadway's moderately high-flying

The U.S. Secret Service says a man fleeing from local police drove through an outer perimeter checkpoint set up near President Barack Obama's Hawaii vacation home.Photographers took pictures of a Secret Service agent sprinting toward the pickup truck and pointing her gun at the driver.Spokesman Ed Donovan says the driver wasn't trying to get near Obama he like to wear movado watches when he was out or his family and the incident had nothing to do with his Hawaii visit.The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports police were chasing the man who was trying to evade arrest on several warrants related to driving violations.The driver, who wasn't immediately identified, didn't go near a security barricade closer to the Obama vacation home, and was arrested a short while later.
The president was playing golf at a nearby Marine base at the time.
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" went on Thursday night without a hitch. After days of meetings about safety problems, the $65 million musical flew and danced and sang the way it was supposed to, considering that it is still a work in progress.
The injured Spider-Man was replaced by three different actors - one for flying, one for dancing and one for dialogue. Also, Natalie Mendoza, who suffered a concussion at the troubled-musical's first preview Nov. 28, was out again Thursday reportedly on what a spokesman for the company called "vocal rest." Mendoza was replaced by T.V. Carpio.
Before this show began, producer Michael Kohl and a co-producer Jeremiah Harris came on stage in blue jeans and rumbled sweaters to welcome everyone to the show's 19th preview and explained that there might be "some bumps in the road tonight." There were none.
Check out pics from Spiderman on Broadway
The New York State Department of Labor cleared the production late Thursday afternoon. Joshua Kobak performed the flying maneuvers, Ari Loeb took over the dance parts and Kyle Perry spoke the lines formerly done by Christopher Tierney, who remains hospitalized after back surgery. Kohl said he came through with flying colors and will start rehab next week. All are stunt doubles for Reeve Carney, the actor who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the most expensive, most technically complex musical in Broadway history.
While Loeb and Perry have been understudies throughout the show's long rehearsal and extended preview period, Kobak, entrusted with the perilous aerial work, joined the company just a month ago. Tierney is an accomplished dancer who toured in Twyla Tharp's "Movin' Out," and Kobak is identified in his biography as a singer-songwriter who has had understudy roles in "American Idiot," "Tarzan" and Off-Broadway's moderately high-flying "Fuerza Bruta."
"Josh went through numerous fly auditions and he was a natural," said Rick Miramontez, spokesman for the show. "The show does not employ aerialists, just good dancers who know how to do this stuff."
Meanwhile Thursday, several members of the State Legislature got involved in the show's ongoing turmoil, calling for more far-reaching safety measures. "While we appreciate that 'Spider-Man' is pushing the envelope . . . workplace safety is not something that can be achieved by trial and error," said state Assemb. Rory Lancman, chairman of the subcommittee on workplace safety, at a news conference outside the theater at noon.


A big pre-Christmas buyer

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The problem seems to be that ugg outlet clearance make wonderful slippers – the soft, fluffy interior obviating the need for socks (that’s certainly what endeared Australia’s drovers and surfers to them decades before they became trendy). And who hasn’t dreamt of wearing their slippers all day? But what makes those who sneer at men dressed in sweatpants think that flumpy, comfy bootees are OK to wear down Rodeo Drive or Bond Street? They’re just a shuffling step away from “the big slipper”, a distinctly unfashionable item traditionally advertised in the back of weekend supplements.

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The fashion trend that refused to die, despite having the death knell for it sounded as long ago as 2006, may finally be seen off by reports by podiatrists and pharmacists that the sheepskin-lined, structureless bootees cause sprained ankles and raging fungal infections. Hasan Ukra of New ugg 2010 that the “moist atmosphere” that ugg boots clearance cultivate leads to athlete’s foot, while podiatrist Linda Hawkins claims that wearing footwear without any heel or sole support causes ankles to twist more easily.

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Do not abode them in sunlight or abreast a boiler as this can accord to discolouring or misshaping of the boot.

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Commissioner Secretary power, Basharat Ahmad Dar, Managing Director, JKSPDC, Shaleen Kabra signed the agreement on behalf of the Jammu and Kashmir State Government while the Chairman-cum-Managing Director, NHPC, S.K Grag and Chairman-cum-Managing Director, PTC, P.N Thakur signed on behalf of their organisations.
Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister pined hope that all the three players of the joint venture will put in every effort to accomplish the task in a given time line. “There are many pit-falls and bottlenecks in your road”, he told them advising to take the joint venture as a challenge and deliver to the best expectations of the people.
Omar Abdullah said that his government is endeavouring hard to transform Jammu and Kashmir from a power deficient State to a self-reliant one and today’s agreement between the State, NHPC and PTC would pave the way for achieving the goal. He impressed upon the signing parties to immediately make the joint venture company operational and take pro-active measures for faster project implementation.
The Chief Minister said that the launch of the Company and the implementation of projects would provide twin benefits-one on the front of generation of electricity and another as vast employment creation for skilled and unskilled youth in the State especially living in backward areas where the projects are located. “I hope all the three parties would focus on enhancing employability of the youth as also ensuring employment to them”, he said and stressed for pooling of energies and capacities to make the joint venture a success. “Better utilisation of rivers to the benefit of the State and its people is our concern”, he said and asked the Company partners to take best advantage of the potential available and the support from the government for harnessing this potential in an efficient manner.He like to wear power balance
“We have placed a capable, experienced and reputed person M.Y Khan as the Chairman of the Company”, he said adding that the Managing Director and Joint Managing Director by NHPC and JKSPDC along with the Chairman would put in their enormous capacity together to see through the completion of the projects successfully.


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With the road hazard ice is providing during winter months, it is inevitable that the numbers on road-related mishaps are that high. With this in mind, AAA MIchigan is prompting automotive owners to get their heads up and brace for another season of risky road conditions by driving defensively. They have come up with a rundown of tips to ensure safety while driving during snow boots .
- Before starting out in snowy weather, take time to remove the snow from the entire car so it doesn’t blow onto your windshield or the windshields of other drivers. Make sure your mirrors and lights are clean as well.
- Drive with your low-beam headlights illuminated.
- When the roads are icy, slow down and allow extra time to reach your destination. Even better, delay your trip, stop early for the day, or take an extended break from driving. Using an online service such as the TripTik Travel Planner at AAA.com can help you find restaurants and lodgings.
- Allow sufficient room for maintenance vehicles and plows, stay at least 15 car lengths (200 feet) back and, if you need to pass, go to the other vehicle’s left.
- Watch for icy surfaces on bridges and intersections, even when the rest of the road seems to be in good condition.
- If you get stuck in snow, straighten the wheel and accelerate slowly. Add sand or salt under the drive wheels to help avoid spinning the tires.
- If your tires lose traction, continue to look and steer in the direction you want to go. If the drive wheels start to spin or slide while going up a hill, ease off the accelerator slightly and then gently resume speed.
- Look farther ahead in traffic. Actions by other drivers will alert you to problems and give you extra seconds to react.
- When changing lanes, avoid cutting in front of trucks, which need more time and distance than passenger vehicles to stop.
- Don’t use cruise control in precipitation and freezing temperatures.
- Remember that four-wheel drive helps you to get going quicker, but it won’t help you stop any faster.
- Apply constant, firm pressure to the pedal with anti-lock brakes.
- Keep emergency supplies in the vehicle, including cell phone, winter Boots , gloves, hat, blanket, ice scraper, snow brush, flashlight, matches and candle and reflective triangle or flares.


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Hunters also sells thick wool socks to go inside your boots for about $30, but I heard TJ Maxx sells the same socks for $15.
onlinenewshop carries the “Brunelda” UGG Boots for less than $70 and you receive free shipping on your order. The rubber and felt boots are lined with faux shearling for added coziness and it features a faux lace-up design in the front and has a bit of a Burberry spark on the side where the buckle is. I could see any character on “Gossip Girl” sporting these as well as preppy celebs such as Jessica Classic Cardy UGG and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
More preppy style
Another preppy style worth considering is the Bit black rain boot by PVC at davrain.com. It has a classic English equestrian style to it with a cute buckle and some extra hardware for added style. The boot, which was featured in InStyle Magazine last month, is $115 and has a stretch panel at the opening of the Classic Short UGGto expand to fit any size calves.
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Matt Beauchesne nous offre un film magnifique en hommage à A.I. où de grands noms du surf témoignent. Matt Archbold raconte qu’il regardait les compétitions de surf  uniquement parce qu’Andy Irons y participait. Luke Egan déclare que le Dream Tour était fait sur mesure pour Andy avec des spots comme Tavarua, Teahupoo, Mundaka… A.I. était un excellent compétiteur ; Fred Patacchia considère que sa série contre Slater en finale du Pipe Masters 2003 était la meilleure de toute l’histoire du surf. Irons était également un free surfeur surdoué capable de surfer de la même façon une vague d’un mètre et une vague de 5 mètres… Ses amis comme Cory Lopez et Dustin Barca ont l’air totalement effondrés par sa disparition. Le plus émouvant vient à la fin quand Bruce Irons éclate en sanglots en parlant de son neveu à naître Axel Jason Irons. Cette vidéo rend parfaitement compte de l’électricité qui se dégageait du surf d’Andy Irons.
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Andy Irons : hommage vidéo à un surfeur d’exception
Posté par Guillaume dans ACTUALITES, Les meilleurs surfeurs du monde, Surf à Hawaii le 7 décembre 2010 23:21 / 1 commentaire
Andy Irons n’a terminé que sixième hier aux Surfer Poll Awards et a obtenu une distinction pour le meilleur tube à Skeleton Bay dans le film High-5. Il aurait pourtant mérité une première place à titre posthume tant sa mort a provoqué un émoi général chez les surfeurs des quatre coins du monde. Les réactions passionnées aux articles évoquant le mode de vie d’Andy Irons et les causes de sa disparition témoignent du désarroi et de l’incrédulité dans lesquels sont plongés ses fans depuis sa disparition. Dengue ? Intoxication médicamenteuse ? On n’en sait toujours pas plus car les résultats des analyses de toxicologie n’ont toujours pas été rendus. Mais pour faire leur deuil, les surfeurs ont avant tout besoin de se souvenir du talent d’Andy Irons sur les vagues et de ses qualités humaines.
Matt Beauchesne nous offre un film magnifique en hommage à A.I. où de grands noms du surf témoignent. Matt Archbold raconte qu’il regardait les compétitions de surf  uniquement parce qu’Andy Irons y participait. Luke Egan déclare que le Dream Tour était fait sur mesure pour Andy avec des spots comme Tavarua, Teahupoo, Mundaka… A.I. était un excellent compétiteur ; Fred Patacchia considère que sa série contre Slater en finale du Pipe Masters 2003 était la meilleure de toute l’histoire du surf. Irons était également un free surfeur surdoué capable de surfer de la même façon une vague d’un mètre et une vague de 5 mètres… Ses amis comme Cory Lopez et Dustin Barca ont l’air totalement effondrés par sa disparition. Le plus émouvant vient à la fin quand Bruce Irons éclate en sanglots en parlant de son neveu à naître Axel Jason Irons. Cette vidéo rend parfaitement compte de l’électricité qui se dégageait du surf d’Andy Irons.
Andy Irons s’en est allé avec 20 victoires en compétitions majeures, 4 Triple Couronnes hawaiiennes, 3 titres de champion du monde. Et même si certains tentent de se consoler avec les paroles d’Andy Irons qui disait qu’il avait eu la vie dont il n’aurait même pas osé rêver, on ne peut s’empêcher de se dire qu’il s’agit quand même d’un énorme gâchis de voir disparaître ainsi un jeune surfeur aussi talentueux.
Sur l’image ci-dessus, on voit Andy Irons en première page du tout nouveau Surfer Magazine de Janvier 2011. Andy était apparu en couverture du même magazine en janvier 2005 avec le même genre de photo en portrait de face sur fond noir avec le gros titre « Trois raisons pour lesquelles Andy Irons est le meilleur surfeur du monde. » Six ans plus tard, la couverture de Surfer Magazine est d’une extraordinaire sobriété. Pas de titre inutile, pas de logo de marque déplacé…seule la montre du surfeur et son bracelet Power Balance nous donnent une indication sur l’époque récente à laquelle cette photo a été prise.

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Feel hard to locate appropriate Christmas gifts for different people? Well, PickEgg wholesale electronics offers a wealth of various gifts and gadgets like environment-friendly gifts for eco conscious, handpicked toys to please and amuse? Feel hard to locate appropriate Christmas gifts for different people? Well, power balance wholesale electronics offers a wealth of various gifts and gadgets like environment-friendly gifts for eco conscious, handpicked toys to please and amuse and relaxation presents to reduce stress and keep balance. Actually, no matter what people you might send your gifts, you would find the gadgets to tickle their fancy for the upcoming Christmas day.
The following have listed some of the popular Xmas gifts recommendations:
1. For fashion, party and dance lovers, gifts like EL LED T shirts which display digital messages across our chest and respond to the music beats, Masquerade Mask which is fashionable and elegant and multifunctional laser pointers which offer multiple light dots for parties, etc. are great.
2. Different styled lighters are suitable for people who need to light up something frequently, for example, Vivid Grenade Shaped Genuine Zippo Butane Lighter with Military Case and Cell Phone-shaped Genuine Zippo Butane Jet Lighter.
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5. Toys are the best Xmas presents for kids. RC toys like RC helicopter, boats and cars make a hit with almost all the boys, Electromotion toys are awesome for children under 5, Barbies are favorite for girls, sound control toys bring fun and pleasure, educational toys help your kids absorb more knowledge with fun, Novelty
6. Cell phones are terrific gifts for people at all ages. No matter you look for cute kids cell phone, sleek touch screen, mobile for seniors or girly cell phone, you could find at PICKEGG easily.
7. Health and beauty products like Power Balance Health Necklace, Pressure Reduction Necklace with Eye-splice, Massage Slipper, Multi-functional Eye Massager, Energy power balance bracelet wholesale , Digital Pulse Watch, etc. keep you away from potential health menace while help you stay with health all the time. Our lives are full of stress most of the time. Why not relax ourselves and reunite with our family members and close friends in the forthcoming great Christmas Day. Purchasing a right gift will add fun and warm.


The 10 most deadly fashion sins

Last week, as we attempted to enjoy a nice meal in the Student Center – using our previously mentioned pristine etiquette, of course – we were so disgusted with the outfits we saw that we lost our appetites. So, we decided to give Temple our early wish list for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Festivus or whatever holiday you celebrate. We never want to see the following:
1. UGGs, leggings and a North Face jacket as an outfit. Instead, wear a pea coat, jeggings and leather boots. Refer to Kenny Thapoung’s Oct. 18 column “A Cheaper Winterwear” for assistance.
2. “Bro couture,” i.e., socks with sandals, gym shorts, a fitted cap and  a shirt with ripped sleeves. Instead wear, a pair of boat shoes, well-fitted jeans and a comfortable sweater (not a hoodie).
3. Pajamas or sweatpants to class. Comfort doesn’t have to be ugly. Comfortable jeans or leggings for girls provide a classy alternative.
4. Unnatural colors on the bottom half. If the color doesn’t occur naturally, it shouldn’t be on your body. Period. Neutrals are your friends.
5. White. Winter white is OK. Cream is fine. Off-white is good. No bright white.
6. Muffin top with a tight shirt and a “whale tail.” Keep the whale safe under the ocean and your muffins in the oven by buying jeans that complement your shape.
7. Crusty socks. Socks cannot be worn with heels, socks cannot be worn visibly above the ankle, white socks cannot be worn with black shoes and black socks are your friends.
8. Running sneakers or hiking boots with jeans. Unless you’re hitting the gym in your Sunday best, there is no reason to wear running sneakers with jeans.
9. Inappropriate clothing for winter. We all know you’re trying to get it in wearing that skimpy mini skirt. However, you shouldn’t have to be cold to get hot. Leave something to the imagination.
10. No snow apparel unless it’s snowing. Unless there is a blizzard, there is no reason to wear snow boots. Sperrys are made to endure some water. Parkas are only appropriate during an ice age.

You ask a deduction for yourself

Missing out on well-earned tax deductions is a common mistake. You’re far from alone if you’ve filed your taxes only to realize a few weeks later that you missed out on a deduction opportunity. “It is common for taxpayers who prepare their own taxes to miss out on deductions that perhaps are new or change yearly,” said Megan Sonicksen,who wear cheap Air max shoes tax communication specialist with the National Association of Tax Professionals.
What is a commonly overlooked deduction?
A: During these hard economic times, many people are job-searching. Not many people know that you can deduct certain job-search expenses as miscellaneous itemized deductions. You can be eligible if you are searching for a new job in your present occupation, even if you do not get a new job. You cannot deduct these expenses if you are a looking for a job in a new occupation, there was a substantial break in the job search or if you are looking for a job the first time. Expenses that can be deducted are employment agency fees, expenses related to preparing and mailing resumes, and mileage related to looking for a new job in the same occupation.
What kind of charitable donations are tax deductible?
A: Contributions can be cash, property or out-of-pocket expenses you paid to do volunteer work. If you drove to and from the volunteer work, you can take the actual cost of gas and oil or use the standard rate of 14 cents a mile. Add parking and tolls to the amount you claim for either method. It is important to verify the organization’s charitable status. The easiest way to do this is to call or check its website. You need a receipt for any donation you claim on Schedule A, even the dollar you plop into the red bucket for The Salvation Army.
What work-related expenses are deductible?
A: Job-related items that can be deducted include work clothes and uniforms that are not suitable for non-work wear, and protective clothing such as safety cheap Boots , safety glasses, work gloves and hard hats. Other items include union dues and expenses, as well as tools used in your work that you are not reimbursed for.
Are energy-efficient home upgrades eligible for deductions?
A: A taxpayer has until Dec. 31 to add insulation, energy-efficient windows, doors, water heaters and furnaces to his or her primary home to be eligible for the energy credit. Up to a $1,500 credit can be received for this year and last year combined. Not all Energy Star-qualified products qualify for the tax credit, so check the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.