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The Group of 7 industrialized nations have agreed to act together to try to stop the Japanese yen from strengthening further by intervening in currency markets, an extraordinary step to avert more damage to the country's battered economy.
The decision, announced Friday by Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda in Tokyo, came after the yen's value had surged to a record 78.89 per dollar in Asian trading Thursday in the U.S. from 79.39 on Wednesday and about 83 a week earlier.
The Japanese movado watches market is not in chaos and will continue to be healthy," Noda said in a televised morning press conference. "Japan is in a difficult situation at the moment. The G-7 intervening together to stabilize the market will have great meaning."
The intervention meant the G-7, which includes finance ministers from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States, would probably sell yen and buy dollars, though how much was not made public to keep speculators guessing.
The news quickly knocked the yen back to 81.32 per dollar in Asian trading Friday. The Japanese stock market rallied, with the Nikkei-225 index closing Friday with a 2.7% gain to 9,206.
"We need oakley sunglasses to wait for European and U.S. markets to open to see whether this lasts," said Satoru Ogasawara, an economist for Credit Suisse in Tokyo. "But the strong comments from the G-7 that they will prevent volatile exchange rates has made the market think that the countries are serious about preventing a sharp rise of the yen."
The yen has been gaining in part as currency traders bet that Japanese companies and investors will sell some of their foreign assets to bring money home in the wake of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. Japan's public and private sectors are deeply invested overseas because of near-zero interest rates at home. A flow of money back to Japan would boost demand for yen.
But each tick higher in the yen threatens the country's exporters by making Japanese products more expensive for foreign buyers. That would be another body blow to Japan, whose exports such as vehicles and electronics are a cornerstone of its economy.
Already, many of Japan's leading manufacturers such as Toyoto Motor Co. and Sony Corp. are reeling from the natural disasters. Company stocks have beendumped and facilities temporarily closed.
A joint intervention is highly unusual and shows that Japan and its allies are serious about restraining the yen. The last such joint agreement to intervene in currency markets was in 2000, when the G-7 sought to bolster the sinking euro.
Japan's central bank received international criticism last September when it briefly intervened by buying dollars to drive the yen down after its value had spiked against foreign currencies.
But Friday's intervention "is different," said Kengo Suzuki who manager online sale- movado

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, foreign exchange analyst for Mizuho Securities. "It's an emergency situation."
The effort to hold the yen down is meant to work in concert with the Bank of Japan's massive infusion of liquidity to ensure the country is well-funded to reconstruct from last week's deadly disasters. The central bank pumped an additional $37 billion into the banking system Friday, bringing the total amount provided in the last five days to 37 trillion yen $467 billion.
Japan's economy minister, Kaoru Yosano, told Reuters in an interview Thursday that the total cost of from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergency would exceed 20 trillion yen ($252 billion), which is more than the cost of the 1995 Kobe temblor.

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The United Nations has warned Bahrain that its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters might be breaking international law.
Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, called King Hamad of the Gulf state on Thursday to express his "deepest concern" about Bahrain''s use of force, which allegedly includes security forces preventing doctors from treating injured protesters.
The secretary-general, who called during a visit to Guatemala, "expressed his deepest concern over reports of excessive and indiscriminate use of force by the security forces and police in Bahrain against unarmed civilians, including, allegedly, against medical personnel," a UN statement who sale designer jewerly online said.
He also "noted that such actions could be in breach of international humanitarian and human rights law".
Valerie Amos, the UN''s deputy secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, earlier urged security forces "to refrain from excessive use of force, and to respect medical facilities and ensure the treatment of wounded persons".
Navi Pillay, the UN rights chief, said any takeover by the security forces of hospitals and medical facilities was a "blatant violation of international law... This is shocking and illegal conduct".
Friday burials
Bahrain''s Sunni Muslim rulers are using force to stop Shia-led protesters in the strategic Gulf kingdom, raising alarm in Washington and sparking condemnation from Iran, Shia leaders in Iraq and the Shia movement Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Early on Friday, Bahrainis prepared to bury an activist killed on Wednesday, but it was not clear if large numbers of people would turn out for the funeral as they had for some of the seven killed in last month's crackdown.
The opposition vowed late Thursday to press on with "peaceful" demonstrations, undeterred by the military force deployed to quell their protests.
"We will not give up to the army," Sheikh Ali Salman, a Shia cleric and the head of Al-Wefaq association, ghd hair straighteners hot sale said.
"We insist on the peaceful aspect of our activities and we shall not be dragged into... confrontations."
Dissidents have been rounded up at gunpoint in midnight raids and armed police stood outside Manama''s main hospital on Thursday, amid reports the authorities were beating doctors and denying treatment to the wounded.
Activists arrested
Five Shia activists and one Sunni dissident were arrested after the army imposed a curfew on parts of Manama using its powers under newly imposed martial law, opposition sources said.
Bahrain''s military confirmed it had arrested a number of people for crimes including sedition, murder and having contact with foreign states, but gave no details.
Security forces firing tear gas and shotguns cleared out a pro-democracy tent city at Pearl Roundabout on Wednesday in the worst day of violence since activists took to the streets last month.
The opposition said three demonstrators were killed in the raid, while the government said two police died in hit-and-run attacks by opposition motorists.
On Wednesday, Barack Obama who like wear power balance , the US president, called King Hamad to express "deep concern" about the crackdown.
Earlier, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, criticised the deployment of Gulf Cooperation Council troops - from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - in Bahrain to quell political unrest as the wrong response.


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